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Los Angeles Dodgers Hiring Quantitative Analyst for the Baseball Analytics Team

The Dodgers are famous around Major League Baseball for their ability to use data to create strategies that have led to seven straight post-season appearances.

Earlier today, the Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman told us that there are a lot of HR issues to take care of with a lot of the coaching staff being recruited by other teams in the league. Friedman also probably meant adding to the analytics team as the Director of Quantitative Analysis, Scott Powers just posted a job for an entry level position on the team:

The Baseball Analytics team of the Los Angeles Dodgers is responsible for developing novel statistical methodology to support decision-making throughout Dodgers baseball operations. We are seeking to hire a Quantitative Analyst to join the team. As a member of the team, you will collaborate with experts (from statistics, computer science, biomechanics and other disciplines) who will challenge you to bring scientific rigor to your research. This position offers the opportunity to solve challenging problems in data science and ultimately see the impact of your work on the field.

Job Functions:

    • Develop and implement novel mathematical models to answer research questions in player evaluation, player development and in-game strategy
    • Productionize and maintain data science projects relied upon by the rest of the organization to support their decision-making processes
    • Collaborate with team members to provide technical advice, learn from their expertise and integrate data science projects with each other
    • Perform ad hoc data analyses to answer urgent questions from front office leadership and other groups within baseball operations
    • Prepare presentations and reports to disseminate model results to the front office, as well as staff from coaching, scouting and player development
    • Assist with and manage personnel-related manners, such as reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and overseeing intern projects

Basic Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science, mathematics or any other STEM field related to data science
    • Proficiency in R or Python
    • Understanding of Git version control for code development
    • Ability to communicative effectively in speech and in writing on a technical and non-technical level
    • Experience applying one or more of the following modeling techniques (or similarly specialized techniques) to real-world data preferred:
    • Advanced statistical models such as generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs), spatial or time series models, or Bayesian hierarchical models
    • Topics in machine learning (e.g. ensemble methods), artificial intelligence (e.g. reinforcement learning) or computer vision (e.g. pose estimation)
    • Techniques from operations research such as optimization or simulation
    • Experience with advanced data visualization libraries such as D3 or plotly preferred
    • Experience maintaining a well-organized, well-documented code repository for productionizing a data science project preferred

Linkedin shows us that the estimated base salary starts around $81,500 but total compensation could be around $98,600 a year. All the basic benefits are included with medical, vision, dental, a 401(k) and Pension Plan.

Any of you baseball analytics fans out there interested?


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  1. Shouldn’t this position have been in place before you turned your $2 billion dollar business over to the picket protector nerds?

  2. If only the position included:
    1. Knowledge of Hit and run, Bunting, sacrifice, squeeze plays.
    2. Relaying signs without the entire world knowing them.
    3.Tipping Pitches
    4. Training classes on how to play your best players, not favorites
    5. Realizing that just because your Farm is ranked in the top 10 doesn’t mean all of your players are M.L.B. ready.
    6. Balls big enough to stand up to your G.M. when common sense over rides sabermetric and analytical insanity. ( when all of the above traditional common sense outweigh using the same exact failing system and expecting different results)

    1. No just more cheap projects because that helps the business pocket the most amount of cash while still being just good enough to make the playoffs which is also good for business and that’s all that matters

  3. “The Dodgers are famous around Major League Baseball for their ability to use data to create strategies that have led to seven straight post-season appearances.”

    The last part of this sentence should have been “… their ability to become obsessed with data and analytics to create bone-headed on the field blunders and off-season moves that have led to seven straight post-season failures.”

    Yeah, let’s get some more numbers, and more numbers and more numbers.

    The only number the FO and owners should think about right now is THIRTY-ONE YEARS AND COUNTING.

    1. Right on,Skoonj And while they are at it why aren’t they channeling some of that stadium renovations $$ into putting a better team on the field that can perhaps actually show up come PS time and not embarrass themselves in front of everyone watching?

  4. Great comment, Skoonj!
    I want to add some obscenities for Freidman and whoever else is running this team. They don’t care about life-long fans who are sick of waiting for another WS title.

  5. Friedman said today that he believes they have a “championship bullpen”. That comment alone should be justification to cut him loose. Who does he think he’s kidding?

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