Los Angeles Dodgers Will Win NLCS Game 7 – I Guarantee It

I hope that no one minds me going raw and unfiltered for one post. For this occasion, I feel it’s important.

The 2018 Dodgers – regardless of what happens on Saturday night in Milwaukee – are my favorite baseball team of all-time. I will get to the ‘why’ of that in a bit. However, before I do; I also want to note that this is my favorite baseball season of all time for a multitude of reasons. One of those biggest reasons is because this will forever be the season that I became part of Dodgers Nation, spending a season on the brink with you all and my family here at this site.

When I joined here, I had one goal: to tell the story of the 2018 Dodgers the best I could for everyone out there. I feel like I have done my best through the high’s and the low’s. Because of that, I’ve gained some amazing perspective about the game I felt I knew everything about. I am here to tell you one thing: the Dodgers are going to win game seven of the NLCS. They’re going to go to the World Series, and I guarantee you that. I am giving you all who read this my word.

Perhaps some of you have followed me on twitter this season. I have had the privilege of becoming friends with so many out there in Los Angeles, and it’s been a blast. If you have followed me, I typically follow you back. Right now, I see an awful lot of people who are planning on it being winter after tomorrow. Well, I’m not yet. It’s not our time yet. There is more of the story left to be told, for now. The final chapter has not yet been written.

If you have followed me on twitter – several times this year I have said the Dodgers would win. I get a feeling; a premonition, something I cannot explain. This supersedes and goes beyond any one stat or numbers I dig up. It’s just a gut feeling, and more often than not in my 30 years following baseball; it’s been on the money. Through good times and bad.

You see, aside from Vin Scully; the reason I love the Dodgers is my 70-something year old father. When I was four years old he took me out in the back yard and handed me a ball. Time after time, he made me hit him in the glove until the sun went down. I owe him for my painful addiction to this game – and baseball has brought me nearly everything I have in my life.

My dad is older now and in poor health – and through time I have come to realize how the game bridges fathers and sons. More than that, it bridges generations; daughters and their parents as well. With each game that passes, I know in my heart that this could very well be the final time that my dad gets to see the Dodgers make a run at a World Series. I can’t believe I was five when he had Kirk Gibson and the 1988 on the television. So this guarantee I give you holds significance for me. It’s probably my last shot with my dad to see the Dodgers win it all. But that doesn’t make the Dodgers winners tomorrow.


The reason this Dodgers team is so special is the fight they have shown time and again throughout this season. They were built for a situation like Saturday’s game seven. Counted out, embattled, embarrassed, wounded; but not yet buried.

In my entire life following this game – I have never seen a team with such hunger, determination, and grit. They have the mark of a champion, and the seeds of that mark were planted on that November 1st, 2017 night when they lost to Houston. This entire season – I have felt in my core that if the Dodgers got into the playoffs- they would return and give themselves a shot to win it all once again.

This team has crawled out of the grave several dozen times in 2018 to overcome. Think about all that has taken place, and they’re still standing. That’s why they will forever have my heart as my favorite team to ever play the game. They’re going to do it one more time on Saturday night in Milwaukee with the entire world against them.

The Brewers can run out Josh Hader, Jhoulys Chacin, or the ghost of Cy Young if they want to. I am here to tell you that it won’t matter. The 2018 Dodgers have a destiny and I know inside me with every fiber of my being that the destiny is to get back to a second straight World Series.

So call this my ‘magnum opus’. I won’t make another guarantee like this again; in the World Series or in the next ten playoffs. Every step of the way this team has gotten off the mat, and answered the bell. This is who they are, and if you have watched them closely enough; you feel what I am feeling. You may just have to look deep within yourself to realize it.

The best way I could explain it to someone is this: it’s just not my first rodeo. I am just one man, no more important than anyone else who watches baseball and the Dodgers every night. However, when someone grows up their entire life around say; the rodeo, they can sense exactly what a horse or a bull will do when they ride it for the 10,000th time.

I am certain on this. You have my promise Los Angeles. The Dodgers will win game seven. There is more of the story to still be told.

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  1. I hope you never lose the kind of optimism you have. It is really remarkable. I certainly do not share any of it. But I think it might be a better way of going through life if you can possibly hang on to it. I long ago have lost that lust. I watch every game of every season and have absolutely no faith in this ball club. However I do have shared an inkling of something possibly special. But I see the Dodgers following the tradition of the multitude before them. It has a rich tradition of total and complete collapses. 13 losses in the World Series, the shot heard round the world, Ozzie Smith, Jack Clark, Matt Adams, George Springer, most recently. I have watched Clayton Kershaw, the greatest pitcher I have ever seen, shockingly collapse in October. The Dodgers, except for a few brief moments, are star crossed, Ill fated. If you are right, kudos. If not, kudos for your faith. We all can use it, win or more likely, lose.

    1. Re Kershaws’s post season record it would be nice to see his numbers compared to other great pitchers. I do know that he has 8 post season games that he has only given up 1 run. Yes he also has some bad innings thrown in there and he has not been the pitcher of record in a clinching game ,(that I can remember)nor won a world series. But how many great pitchers even have 8 post season starts? Though he has not been epic he has not been bad or avg. He has been good, not great, but good.

      1. Daniel when you find the numbers of other great pitchers you will be stunned when you compare their stats. First most of them are world series only stats. No second rate playoff teams. Second you will notice how many complete games they pitched and how often. Starting 3 games in the world series was the norm. 3 complete games was not unusual. Kershaw just doesn’t rate. Same in the regular season for that matter.

  2. Clint, you hit the mark for me. My Dad would be age 103 at this time, and has been gone for 15 years. I’m still a youngster 🙂 He NEVER talked on the phone, unless forced. However, he was always happy to take my call, when I felt out of control excitement about a Dodger game! I have been calling him, in my heart, all through this roller coaster year, and I know he has set aside time in “Blue Heaven” to watch this moment. He was a walking encyclopedia of all sports, year round, all his life. Just ask him the date, and he’ll give you the score, name every player, and give you every stat, and more. He had his rubberband wrapped radio, always on him, and buried himself in the sports pages. He passed this passion on to me, his only daughter, and 5 Brothers. If only I could pick up the phone. I know he is proud of his Dodgers, and smiling from above. Dodger blood was inherited by me and my Brothers! It never dies! 🙂 #LADetermined indeed! –Cheers from Oregon, where MLB is a foreign language.

    1. Thank you for being a devoted fan! Let’s get four more, they have everything it takes.

  3. Clint, I appreciate this article for many reasons, including your raw emotion. After last night, I woke up needing some of the optimism that seems to be pouring out of you. This entire season has been a fight, but our Dodgers have persevered, almost divinely. And Game 7 will be no different. I, too, am a believer.

  4. Clint LOVE your attitude as I HOPE your words live true !

    I too a long time Dodger fan since the days of Maury Wills, Willie Davis, Don Sutton, Steve Garvey, Fernando !

    What is so scary with this team especially against Milwaukee, Blue Crew is giving them so much hope as ONE game it comes down to who can out hit, pitch and make the bigger play which has been an achilles heal to this most talented and deep roster team!

    Bottom line I am a true loyal fan but a nervous fan who can only hope that this team will over come the odds and reach their destiny as “world champions” !

    Today won or done game will be the ultimate. I’m there watching and cheering loudly. Go Big Blue !

  5. Clint,
    Your essay also strikes a chord with me. Like your father, I am in my 70’s and wonder if I will ever get to see and feel another WS championship. Last year was the last straw, I thought, until now – today. This year’s team might be a little better because of all they have had to overcome to get to this point.
    I wish I had your confidence, but having followed the Dodgers since 1955 (a good year to begin), I am not at all certain that you will be proven correct. Thanks for writing this essay, however, no matter what happens tonight.

    I have one request: get the message to management that all Dodger fans want and need Kershaw to remain a Dodger for life; pay him whatever it costs, or I am done with my lifelong team – because of their failure to keep the face of the franchise and the best person in this game.

  6. So our Dr jekyll and MR. Hyde season comes down to one game. Can this team finally tee off on a journeyman pitcher? If they stop swinging for the fences, like they did in game 5, we have a very good chance. I have been saying all series, we have to score off their starters. Now is the time. They did it to us yesterday…..today is our turn. Manny and Turner have to have 2 or 3 hits apiece. We can do this. If not….launch angle needs to be thrown in the trash, along with all the micro managing.

    1. Micro managing has been done all year but yes they handled Chacin pretty well in that august 2nd game, ya know that game in which the result was a 21 to 5 win. if Dodgers do what they have done for most of this series..swinging from the heels and for the fences, striking out in double figures , leave 10 or more RISP… then tonight they go home and the year will be over.

    1. Clint, your article was a breath of fresh air. It was what baseball is all about. I have been a Dodger fan since 1968 and out of my four daughters, two have caught the “Dodger virus” and will take the “love of the Dodgers” to the next generation.

      With that being said, you put the future of your column on the line with this prediction. Being positive is great. I hope that your prediction is true. Really.

      However, the taste of last year’s WS Game 7 obviously has left your mouth and all that went with it.

      We still have the same manager who has taken the activity of “manager” to a whole new level this past year. In 2018 we witnessed so many player substitutions that I thought I was back in Little League. The latest example was pulling David Freese in the second inning of Game 5, which hurt us not only in the moment, but in the game itself. Very few of Roberts’ moves were “brilliant” this past year.

      As a Dodger fan, this has had to be one of the top three seasons of constant nitroglycerin usage, as I was in a steady state of vexation and mental anguish over this manager’s confusing decision making during games. This past season has hardly been a joy, when you look at all the talent on the team, followed by poor execution, then to see us barley scraping by to get to the next level.

      I have watched almost every game here in Northern California, and I cannot remember witnessing a Dodger team so inconsistent at the plate, on the field and in the manager’s box. In my humble opinion, if I was a doctor, I would diagnose this years Dodgers as “Bi-polar.”

      I really hope we are able to win today’s Game 7 in Milwaukee. (But then we would have to face a dynamic Boston Red Sox team in the Word Series. More anguish and heartbreak anyone?) Truth be told, my old “baseball soul” says we are facing a confident, relaxed, and powerful home team in the Brewers who have playoff history on their side. Last night, we looked gassed and outmatched. I think that trend continues tonight.

      I would love to be wrong, but I am resigned to post-season failure and I would love to see a new manager and some new acquisitions take us to the top next year in the thirty one year quest for a World Series trophy. I was hoping that Lasorda, Scully and Newcombe could have another championship before kicking the oxygen habit, but again…we’ll have to wait another year.

      Here’s to hoping…

      1. When hopes and dreams become reality… let yourself fall for the 2018 Dodgers. There’s no time like the present!

  7. This is awesome!!!! I hope our dodgers not only win for all of us but for you and your dad. I hope you guys get to watch and enjoy our dodgers in the World Series. LADetermined!!

  8. What a great fan you are me too for sixty five years win or loose what a fun season it was can’t wait for next season> Go Dodgers!

  9. I love this. Want you to know I read your article about 5 different times throughout the day today. Each time giving me more hope and resolve that this team would indeed pull it out. Well here we are now…headed to the WS. Thank you for your optimism and this well written article. It was a gift! GOOOO DODGERS!!!

    1. I really appreciate you – all the credit to the Dodgers and this site for letting me have a voice to write stuff like this. Meant what I said, more fight in this team that any I have ever watched in 30 years.

  10. I’m NOT worthy! You called it my man. I didn’t have the faith as you since I’ve been tormented for 30 years. Much respect

    1. You ARE absolutely worthy, and the 30 years of scars prove it. All the credit to the Dodgers, thanks for the kind words. Glad I was able to add to the fun a little.

  11. Clint, thank you for the inspiring and uplifting post. You called it! It was the last thing I read before watching Game 7 and restored my hope in this team, especially after yesterday’s tough loss. Scores of articles online said we couldn’t do it and we proved all of them wrong. Look forward to reading your posts this coming week. Glad you’ll be able to enjoy one more World Series run with your father. Will definitely be watching from Afghanistan. Have fun in LA. Go Dodgers!

    1. Honored that you read us from afar my friend. One thing I am big on – I read those articles that you talk about. The consensus opinion was burying the Dodgers; which I liked. They have been a good team when counted out all year. It was the perfect spot for them. Let’s get 4 more.

  12. I am writing this on Sunday morning after the game seven victory. Thank you so much for sharing your optimism and telling us about your father. I have been a Dodger fan since 1953. They have 6 World Series in that period of time. I have suffered for the past three decades awaiting another World Series victory. I too am in my 70s. I have wondered whether I will live to see another World Series victory by the Dodgers. This team has made it to the World Series after a roller coaster season. My personal history has connections to both the 1981 and 1988 championships. I am reminded that the Oakland A’s were heavy favorites the last time the Dodgers won. May the final ride in 2018 be memorable and for your dad and me let there be another championship.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. My dad really perked up after the final out last night. It was a great thing to see. He’s a bigger Dodgers fan than I am even. He remembers 1988 a lot more than me as I was just five. From the history stuff I have watched; this team has some similarities. Thanks for being part of the nation!

  13. My dad was an avid Dodger fan. He saw 1st
    game @ coliseum, Chavez Ravine and 1st World Series, All star game and Koufax no-hitter against Cubs & Gibson homerun, 1988 W.S. win. I am devoted fan also. He always watched every Dodger games on T.V. He would have Loved this team. Go Dodgers win one for my Dad!!!

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