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Max Scherzer Reveals Why He Was Ejected Against the Dodgers on Wednesday

Mets RHP Max Scherzer was ejected from Wednesday’s game against the Dodgers ahead of the bottom of the 4th inning. Scherzer had his glove checked before the 3rd inning, and was forced to switch gloves as umpire Phil Cuzzi deemed his hands too sticky. Going into the 4th inning, Scherzer says he washed his hands in front of MLB officials and applied rosin — a legal substance. However, Cuzzi deemed his hand too sticky again, and ultimately threw him out of the game.

Scherzer was very unhappy with the ejection, and doesn’t understand how he was thrown out for using a legal substance mixed with his sweat.

“I don’t get how I get ejected when I’m in front of MLB officials, doing exactly, exactly what you want, and being deemed my hand is too sticky when I’m using legal substance,” Scherzer said. “I do not understand that.”

Scherzer said that he knew his hand was going to be checked again going into the 4th inning, so he would have to be “an absolute idiot” to try to do something illegal. However, Cuzzi still felt it was too sticky, leading to the ejection.

“He said my hand’s too sticky,” Scherzer said. “I knew I was going to get checked. Like I said, I’d have to be an absolute idiot to use anything else. I literally go out there with sweat and rosin. I get ejected.”

Scherzer added that his hand would, of course, be sticky when mixing rosin with sweat, but that it isn’t against the rules. That’s why, he’s very unhappy with the ejection.

For what it’s worth, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said the team did not request any of the glove checks that Cuzzi and his crew were doing.

Scherzer’s agent, Scott Boras, sent a message to reporters, and, like his client, wasn’t very happy with it.

“MLB standards and rules enforcement should mandate and require an objective verifiable standard,” Boras said. “If you want to attack the integrity of the competition you need clear precise standards (or) else you damage the game and (its) players. The Cuzzi on field spectrometer is not the answer. MLB needs to employ available scientific methods (not subjective) to create verifiable certainty of (its) rules.”

This will be in the hands of the MLB now. If they determine Scherzer was using illegal substances, he will be suspended for 10 games. If not, it will be a very sticky situation for Cuzzi and the entire umpiring crew.

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