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MLB: Astros Call Former Dodgers Pitcher’s Lawsuit a ‘Publicity Stunt’

The Houston Astros can likely expect lawsuits against them for years to come. And that’s completely reasonable given the fact that they may have cheated MLB teams and players out of future money and success.

The latest lawsuit against Houston came via former MLB pitcher Mike Bolsinger. Bolsinger pointed to former GM Jeff Luhnow’s latest lawsuit as support for his case which has been pending since February. When asked to comment on Bolsinger’s suit, Jim Crane’s lawyer alleged that the case would be treated like the Saints fan who attempted to sue the NFL over a blown call by officials during the 2019 playoffs.

Similar publicity-seeking lawsuits related to high-profile sporting events with virtually no chance of success on the merits are common. The lawsuits garner national media attention for the plaintiff and his attorney before being dismissed as meritless and contrary to public policy.

Unfortunately, attorney John Hueston did not stop there with slamming Bolsinger. He went on to say that Bolsinger filed the case in California for attention from MLB, simply because the Astros cheated against the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series. 

Plaintiff filed this lawsuit in California for media attention — because the Astros played the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series here — not because Plaintiff was injured or suffered damages here.

The Astros seem to be making a habit of tarnishing the names of professionals in the industry in order to protect their own cause at this point. Bolsinger’s lawsuit alleges that their cheating led to him getting hit hard in games against Houston, and that led to him being unable to find a job in MLB later on. Whether that can be proven will be up to a judge to determine. As of now, the case remains pending until January. 

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  1. I’m glad he filed a lawsuit and the Dodgers should’ve done the same! The Trashro’s need to give up there WS rings, trophy and money shares and be stripped of there 2017 WS title
    The players, coaches and manager should all be banned from baseball for life!

  2. He has every reason to sue.. The overriding fact, if Huston hadn’t did what it did, stands the possibility of what was done could not have happened.. Surely, there is a risk-reward measure taken into consideration, but the bottom line is the same..

  3. I’m not sure the Astros are in the state of Texas. It seems like they are based in the state of Denial.

  4. Hey ASTRO’S ,… you CHEATED!!!
    And you think that you’re going to get away with it!!
    You ruined some careers as well,….
    NO PUBLICITY STUNT here. ,… just payback!!!

  5. You guys need to put down the bong. The 2017 season is over. Get even on the field. I liked Kelly’s approach. The fine and suspension was b.s. Settle it old school. Pass the hat to pay the fines.

    1. Colt 45 drink another beer! If that happened to your SON I know you would have a different outlook. I guess you’re sympathetic to THIEVES!!! Lmao

      1. Colt45 is too big of a coward to fully go against his cheating losers. During the season he wanted the Dodgers to get their revenge and didn’t mind seeing them win the WS but the whole time was still sympathetic to the thieves and took the approach of telling the victims to just get over it and forget about it so he doesn’t have to face reality anymore. My advice would be for him to stop living on a dodger site if he doesn’t want to see it

        1. Manfred penalized them as much as the collective bargaining agree allowed. Even Trevor Bauer says it’s time to move on. I don’t care about the team. I don’t live in Houston and I am sure not paying a nickel to see them on TV. My point is that the players were the ones who did it. Sue them.

  6. Give back WS Trophy, WS Shares, WS Rings and all Trashro’s managers, GM, coaches and players banned from baseball for life! Then I’m fine!

  7. The Astros definitely need to give back the WS Trophy that they did not win and the World Series shares that they do not deserve. The individual players are tainted and will face the “court of public opinion” for a long time to come (whether they wear an Astros or another baseball team’s uniform.) But I support those who seek legal remedy for the direct harm caused by the Astros’ cheating. Like many Dodgers fans and fans of baseball, I have absolutely no sympathy for the Astros franchise and will move on when I am good and ready…

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