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Dodgers Rumor Roundup: Nolan Arenado Chatter, a Kris Bryant Fit, Lindor on the Move, and More!

Being the Los Angeles Dodgers certainly has it’s perks. Aside from just having won the 2020 World Series, they also get the luxury of having enough farm talent to be in virtually every trade rumor for any big name on the market. It’s not often that a superstar player is put on the trade block without Los Angeles being mentioned as a potential destination.

With that being said, we’ve compiled every Dodgers trade and free agent rumor from the last week of the offseason. Be warned, there are SO many.

The biggest rumor of the week had to be when Jim Bowden all but guaranteed Nolan Arenado would be traded to the Dodgers. Bowden went so far as to say that he thought Colorado would move him to Los Angeles before Christmas.

Dodgers: Expert Predicts Nolan Arenado Will Be a Dodger By Christmas

Meanwhile, most Dodgers fans are sitting back wondering when Justin Turner is going to resign with the Dodgers. That might be easier said than done though, as the market for JT could be bigger than we initially thought. 

Dodgers: Why Justin Turner Could Actually Leave Los Angeles

If Justin Turner does leave Los Angeles, many believe his replacement is already on the market. The Cubs may consider rebuilding their entire team structure, and Kris Bryant is a real consideration for Los Angeles without JT or Arenado. Hopefully, that’s just the worst-case scenario though. 

Dodgers: Could Chicago’s Kris Bryant Replace Justin Turner in LA?

Speaking of those rebuilding Cubs, them moving Yu Darvish isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibilities either. Could the Dodgers explore a reunion with Darvish? It didn’t end so well the first time around. 

Dodgers: Could Los Angeles Start to Explore a Yu Darvish Reunion?

The Francisco Lindor rumors aren’t going to stop until Opening Day at this point. Even though there doesn’t seem to be room for him in Los Angeles’ infield, baseball experts keep trying to figure out a way to fit him in. 

Dodgers: ESPN Suggests LA Could Consider Moving Gavin Lux to Land Francisco Lindor

If the Dodgers do get JT back, there are plenty of questions about what that contract would look like. The market for an aging third baseman with a declining glove is tough to predict at this point, but he could end up with a multi-year deal. 

Dodgers Reportedly Close to Signing MLB Pipeline’s Top Ranked International Catcher

Los Angeles is once again in danger of losing a key front office member. After missing out on the Angels’ GM job, assistant GM Jeff Kingston is reportedly now one of the favorites to land the job in Philadelphia. 

Dodgers Assistant GM Jeff Kingston is a Candidate for the Phillies GM Job

And finally, Los Angeles is proving that they will never stop looking to dominate the international free-agent market. They did that by reportedly scooping up a 16-year-old catcher that ranks in the top 10 of all international free agents. 

Dodgers Reportedly Close to Signing MLB Pipeline’s Top Ranked International Catcher

Stay with us all offseason long as we keep up with the latest on the hot stove and your favorite Los Angeles baseball team! 

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  1. Well, one thing is “fer sure”. The Hot Stove is heating up with a million and one LA Dodger trade and free agent rumors. JT going. JT resigned. Arenando coming. Lindor coming. Lux going. Makes interesting reading and discussion. To be real about all this, Friedman is NOT going to break the bank on a free agent. And I can’t see him getting a 1 year rental. I would think he is all in on JT; but he has a high likelihood of being our only “significant” signing. McGee? Treinan? Hernandez?. All maybes on team friendly contracts. But we have plenty of help at home. And we need to extend Corey and Clayton. So my guess is that we made the splash last off season. This one will be relatively quiet.

  2. With 3 0r 4 BP arms going to FA, I have to believe at least 1 BP arm being acquired . Both Treinen and JT could be the ones signed from our list of FA’s . The others , not so sure.

  3. My Guess, like many others, is that JT re-signs along with Treinen. Depending on how impacted the Free Agent market is they might get Baez back. Until this country solves COVID spectator sports will be financially impacted.
    The Dodgers have a lot of young talent and they must use them, trade them, or eventually lose them to the Rule 5 Draft.
    The Dodgers have big contracts looming in the Future with Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias. Do they add peripheral players for big money or do they decide to keep their young core in the future? Using young players whenever possible is the best way to remain in contention and sign your young core. look at the Cubs they are in that situation now.

  4. I have no interest in Lindor or Bryant. This team doesn’t need to send prospects out the door for a one year rental coming off a World Series championship. And I’m not so sure I’d be interested in giving up multiple premium prospects for Arenado who is coming off a disappointing 84 OPS+ season at the age of 29 (with a ton of money to be paid on that contract).

    I’d rather resign JT, extend Seager, and keep my prospects.

  5. It’s time to move on from Turner. He has been one of the heartbeats of the Dodgers for years and his contributions to our team are priceless. But he’s 35 and we should not be paying him whatever he wants. Honestly I don’t get the fuzzy feelings with him that I do about Kershaw, Seager or Belli for that matter. We can upgrade at the position, there are options for us. If there’s a chance for us to get Nolan or Bryant we do it. We can’t waste 2 years on a guy who’s career is ok the backend.

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