MLB New: League Will Not Make Vaccination Mandatory for Fans in Attendance in 2021

With just a few weeks to go until players start to report for Spring Training, there are still a lot of questions for MLB to answer. Among many things, fans just want to know if they are going to be able to safely attend games after taking a year off of sports. 

The league sort of answered that question in a very vague manner on Monday. In a memo from MLB obtained by the LA Times, the league tried to lay out a plan for fans getting into games in 2021. The first major piece to come out of the memo was that the league would NOT mandate a COVID-19 vaccine or testing for fans trying to get into games. 

MLB went on to suggest that state and local regulations could change that policy, but it will vary by region and will not be mandated league-wide. Teams are also given the choice to decide if they need proof of vaccination or a negative test, with temperature checks also being part of the decision. 

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The league also said that it expects local regulations to enforce pod or group seating for the 2021 MLB season. That would mean that tickets would be sold in groups and would be distanced from other fans, much like the 2020 postseason. Also, like the postseason, the league said that masks will be required for fans at all times, except when eating or drinking while sitting in seats. 

All of this information comes out the same day that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told teams to prepare for a 162-game season. Dodgers fans should temper expectations though, as the state continues to restrict in-person gatherings. Stay tuned…

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    1. Look at this past Holliday Season and how almost the entire population ignored the CDC’s recommendations to avoid traveling and to limit gatherings. As a result and we all had to know that the surge in Covid cases and hospitalizations would be taking place now and they say this will get worse as we go through January.

  1. What are the plans for spectators at the spring training games? When will tickets go on sale?We regularly attends spring training and are hoping to be there this year. GO DODGERS!!!!!

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