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MLB News: CBA Talks Reportedly Resume Today in New York

After a nine day marathon of negotiation sessions that proved to advance relations little, an MLB representative is set to meet with a rep for the MLBPA today in New York. Baseball insider Jon Heyman was among those to report.

With baseball’s opening week already canceled, and rumors that MLB owners are less interested in getting a deal done for the first month of the season, this tweet doesn’t do much to stoke the flames of hope for baseball fans. Dan Halem and Bruce Meyer have seemingly done little to advance negotiations on their own in the past. Why would the new setting at MLB HQ in New York change anything this time?

According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the meeting between the two will be informal, likely meaning that it’s just to set the table for full team negotiations at a later date. Perhaps as soon as next week. As the calendar flips deeper in to March, things need to move fast for any chance at an opening day sometime in April. And, after former Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling shared the fact that MLB once again tried to sneak unapproved rule changes into the CBA late in the night on Monday…

…these talks will likely move slower as more detail and transparency are expected.

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  1. Wait, they have to have a face-to-face meeting to set up an actual meeting. Do they not use phones. Do they believe themselves to be in an earlier century where each party sends their ‘seconds’ to set the duel date. Let’s not blame this bs on the Owners, it takes two to make this bs an unnecessary requirement while the clock ticks off important time being wasted.

    1. I agree both sides are at some fault. I would like to hear how owners can justify throwing away 3 months of negotiating time without a first session to base it on. Then delay the season on 3 weeks of negotiation. Their intent appears obvious to me that they forced this delay after some last minute hope for drama. The players should have cooperated on requesting a mediator, to show that they were committed to the process. The premature lockout without cause could be grounds for unfair labor practice during negotiation.

      1. The MLBPA went into this battle believing themselves in a David vs Goliath battle with hopes of the same outcome. The problem is Goliath wasn’t an actual giant but merely a very tall person for that age, and the MLB actually is a giant and not one prone to being subdue by a pebble being tossed at them, especially when they placed a boulder in the face of the MLBPA. The MLBPA should have accepted the mediator, and now they’ll have to rely on the heart of the beast to allow the battle to end. The MLBPA will bend the knee, as expected because they’re hurting themselves with players using Social Media to drive a deeper wedge between them.

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