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MLB News: Former Dodgers Infielder David Freese Speaks Up About Lockout

With the deadline of the old CBA passing on Wednesday and no new plan moving forward, the owners voted to initiate a lockdown until MLB and the MLBPA can come to turn on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Both sides want very different things for the game’s future but neither has been willing to budge. 

While the lockout doesn’t affect the minor league system, it does affect every aspect of Major League Baseball. The Winter Meetings have already been canceled and no Major Leaguer will be able to use any team facilities regardless of their intended use. If the situation drags on, the Rule 5 Draft, Spring training, and even the season could be in danger. 

Former Dodger David Freese who was known for his leadership throughout his career didn’t miss a beat as he took to Twitter to offer some hopeful thoughts. With both sides blaming each other, and fans even expressing their opinions, Freese believes the issue will eventually get solved and baseball will emerge better. 

Freese is no longer in Major League Baseball as he retired following the 2019 season in which he spent in Los Angeles. Despite no longer being an active player in the game anymore, Freese has kept tabs on events around the league. 

The 11-year vet has some high hopes for negations on a new CBA, but if last year’s preview between the two sides reveals anything, we should expect a solution anytime soon.

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  1. Players demanding substantial change in key areas. Owners want to continue with mostly the same deal that benefitted them in the last contract.
    This will be a long lock-out. Probably go into the season.
    Neither side trusts the other so difficult to make a deal.

  2. A shortened season will be great for Roberts and Friedman. They won’t have the time to run a pitching staff into the ground

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