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MLB News: Players’ Families Will Be a Big Hurdle for Plan to Play

The idea to isolate MLB players in order to get the season started seems to have plenty of holes in it. After ESPN’s Jess Passan broke the rumored negotiation between the league and the player’s union, many started to question how something like that was even possible. As it turns out, the logistics of it may not even be the most difficult obstacle. 

One part that is sort of overlooked when considering isolating MLB players to a city is their families. Many would not be able to go home to their spouses and children during this time, or the league would have to arrange it in the negotiations. In an interview on Tuesday morning, Passan clarified some player’s stances on the issue. 

I asked a player a couple of days ago ‘Hey if you have to go into a bubble city, and you are separated from your family from an indeterminate amount of time’ – and this is a player who has a wife and kids…his initial response was ‘No [expletive] way’

The idea of an MLB player being away from their family for an entire season, or even part of one, is tough to come to terms with. But if that is the only option for baseball to get going, it seems like players would have to go for it. 

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from the same player. Says ‘Talked with my wife and she says if the only way I get paid this way is by having to go into the bubble, here I come bubble’ 

The idea that players can still get paid for their participation in the ‘bubble’ idea that MLB has brought forward is really the only motivating factor for players with families. Passan also brings up a good point with the players though in regards to it being their option to play. Mike Trout has a wife that is pregnant and due in August, and that situation alone leaves plenty of questions with the new deal.

Will players be allowed to leave the ‘bubble? Will families ever be allowed into the bubble? How does the league control things and keep testing players and coaches? There are so many questions that will still need to be answered by MLB to get play going. 

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  1. No need to mention my career or job but I think how many Americans have or had a job that required them to move or be away from family. Just mentioning one career is the military. I would think a players family’s biggest concern is safety. This all being said the trivial ness of baseball or sports in general somehow starting or trying to get back to normal will help us as a nation. Will the champion of the 2020 season be tainted yes but they will 9who ever it will be) will be remembered for many years that they brought hope joy and life back to the United States.

  2. As much as I want to see the return of Baseball (and Baseball is HUGE in my life and the lives of everyone in my family) I would be truly upset if I thought that MLB was being so petty as to NOT pay players during the shutdown time.

    They do NOT need to be apart from their families, but they *should* be paid all the same. This was NOT their fault any more than it was the fault of any of us.

    But at least *we* can stay at home *with* our families.

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