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MLB News: Rob Manfred Plans on Having Fans at the NLCS and World Series

MLB fans hoping to get to games in 2020 might finally have a shot. After mentioning the possibility of fans going to playoff games last week, Rob Manfred further confirmed it was moving forward with USA Today

In an interview this week, MLB’s commissioner clarified that the plan to get fans into games was progressing. Fans may be able to attend the Nationsl League Champsionship Series and World Series, both taking place in Texas. The plan is currently pending the approval of the Texas government, per Manfred. 

We are pressing ahead to have fans in Texas. One of the most important things to our game is the presence of fans. Starting down the path of having fans in stadiums, and in a safe and risk-free environment, is very, very important to our game.

Manfred went on to express that his biggest disappointment for the season was that fans were not able to attend games. Luckily, MLB appears to be safely working on that. 

The inability of our fans to enjoy the in-ballpark experience is probably my biggest disappointment. The players have been poignantly honest about the significance of having fans in our ballpark and their importance. It emphasizes the bond between our fans and our players.

The NFL has had some early success with allowing fans at games, though it is a relatively small sample size. While it’s not clear the capacity that MLB would operate at, it’s a huge step forward towards getting fans back. 

Again, this will only be a possibility for games based in Texas. While the league is ready to move forward with the plan, time is certainly running out. Manfred said that information on ticket sales would be available shortly, as soon as the approval is given. The Cowboys announced that they will host fans, though the Texans did not. 

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  1. Who does he think he’s kidding with sentiments about fans and players – it’s a foolish money grab attempt by owners. Given what was charged for cardboard cutouts, I can’t imagine what tickets would cost.

    It sucks not going to the ballpark but, with the piped in noise, I don’t even notice the empty stadium on TV anymore and I don’t miss seeing fans kill each other for foul balls.

  2. It would be much safer to play in an outside stadium. Let’s say, like Dodger Stadium!

  3. Commissioner Assford is pathetic. Time to leave coming. Your ignorance of the game is mind blowing. Lift the blackout restrictions you A**HOLE, take a look at what’s going on in the L.A. market. I haven’t been able to watch a game legally for 6 years!!! That’s pathetic, just like you Manfu**!! WAKE UP!!!

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