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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Unsure How Long Joc Pederson Will Remain With the Team

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated from an earlier version]

The Dodgers are getting a power left-handed bat back in the lineup today in Joc Pederson. The outfielder missed nearly a week after being placed on the family medical emergency list. Now, Joc is back in there at DH tonight. 

Talking with the media prior to Tuesday’s game, Dave Roberts was asked about Joc being back in the lineup. More specifically, he was asked whether or not Pederson would be remaining with the team through the playoffs, with respect to his family’s privacy in the situation. For Doc, having Pederson through the first round is the closest he can get to a guarantee right now. 

I can’t say with 100 percent certainly. Family first and Joc knows that, and his family understands that. I just know that Joc worked real hard to be here with us to finish out this home stand. I would expect him to be with us through the Wild Card series, but after that, I just don’t know. 

Given that Pederson is facing a family matter, the exact circumstances are private and rightfully so. The only ones who really need or deserve to know what is keeping him off of the field are Joc and his family, so keep that in mind. But from what it sounds like, the Dodgers could be without him for a stretch of the playoffs. 

There is understandable much uncertainty given the nature of his situation. However, he is here for the moment and, according to Roberts, ready to compete in these final few games of the season.

With both off the field matters and poor production on the field, it’s been a tough year for Pederson. For the season, the 28-year-old is triple slashing .174/.268/.376 with just 6 home runs in 39 games. Regardless, we’re sending our thoughts to the Pederson family and hoping for the best. 

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  1. I am so sorry for Joc and his family. What ever the situation is it sounds serious. It’s really afecting his playing time, he’s not all there physically and mentally. Batting under 200 is not Joc Pederson. We pray things will be fine with him and the family.

  2. Kershaw is fine but buhler is not, era of almost 4 blister on finger.Gonsolin and May are good but Urias has more experience in post season.I LIKE WILL SMITH BUT POST SEASON WE NEED BARNES.ALL PITCHERS HAVE PITCHED BETTER WHEN BARNES IS CATCHING.ALL STARTERS DESERVE TO HAVE BARNES CATCHING THEM NOT JUST KERSHAW.

  3. Many people, when dealing with major personal problems or stress, indulge in binge-eating. It looks to me that Joc is about 20 pounds heavier and currently unable to catch up with fastballs. If it is a serious medical matter, then I suggest for Joc and the good of the team that Joc should be with his family and call it a year until next season. CT3, Polack, and Keke all have higher averages and at present are better choices.

    1. Totally agree with Paul. It is best for Joc and the club if he just calls it a year and goes home to be with his family. There is the Joc of the past and there is the current Joc. This one should not be getting AB’s when we need to be getting others ready for the playoffs since Joc may not be available and is not an effective Joc even if he is available. My prayers for him and his family.

  4. I agree with the sentiment of this article and applaud you for the stance you’ve taken regarding Pederson’s situation. As a fellow journalist though, I have to say, it pains me to read your story. I understand the pressure you’re under to produce content and to meet deadlines, but it’s hard to take anything you say seriously when multiple words are misspelled in your article. Take the time to pay attention to the details and re-read your story more than once – one time for its content, to make sure it flows and transitions smoothly (which it does), and the second time to make sure everything is grammatically correct – before submitting it for the world to read. Other than that, keep up the good work!

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