MLB News: Yankees’ Robinson Cano Seeks 10-Years, $310 In Free Agency

With the Yankees being eliminated from the playoff last night, Robinson Cano’s free agency is now the center of attention in New York. Cano hasn’t been committal in terms of which way he’s leaning, but it doesn’t sound like he’s a slam dunk to re-sign in the Bronx.

The Yankees roster is aging and with Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte retiring coupled together with Alex Rodriguez’s impending suspension, Cano could look elsewhere.

However, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Cano’s camp has already made an outlandish contract suggestion:

The Cano camp countered with a 10-year proposal at $310 million. Alex Rodriguez currently has the largest contract ever at 10 years for $275 million, which could get to $305 million with $30 million worth of home run milestone bonuses.

Sherman reports that the Yankees started the negotiations with an offer of seven years and between $161-$168 million so the two sides are close to $140 million apart.

For the season, Cano is hitting .315 with 27 home runs and 106 RBI as he’s been criticized for a lack of effort at several points in his Yankees career. The news is big for the Dodgers as they’ve long been rumored to be a potential fit if Cano were to bolt the Big Apple with their deep pockets.

In his report, Sherman mentions that’s still the case and other teams aren’t going to go for this high contract demand:

The Dodgers were long expected to be that club. But there are strong indicators within the game that they will not go to great lengths for Cano. The same goes for the Cubs. The Angels need pitching and feel burned by long-term commitments to Pujols and Josh Hamilton, plus have to deal with Mike Trout at some point.

Mark Ellis will likely have his option declined, but the Dodgers were close to finding his replacement in Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero before he signed with super agent Scott Boras.

It’s unlikely that Cano will get the type of contract he’s seeking as the 31-year-old is past his prime and doesn’t have the same market he once thought.


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