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MLB Radio: ‘The Dodgers Don’t Need Bryce Harper, They Have Cody Bellinger’

Another day brings more Bryce Harper talk from baseball pundits. This time around, it’s Eduardo Perez and Steve Phillips discussing the Dodgers being better off without Harper. The harsh reality is beginning to hit that the marquee free-agent will end up elsewhere.

Equally important – I get to include Cody Bellinger in the post. It’s fun to write about Bellinger because he’s one of those rare players where the sky is the limit.

In this case, Phillips was on MLB Network Radio to say why the Dodgers will be just fine as they are.

Phillips says that the ‘Dodgers need to stop the nonsense of platooning Bellinger’. However, Phillips hasn’t researched the current narrative and goal that Los Angeles intends on carrying out.

Phillips continued staunchly in his support of allowing Bellinger to learn on the fly.

I put him out there every day, let him figure it out. How long do I give him? I give him the next five years!

I like it, and the 2019 season will certainly be a season in which the Dodgers hitch their current and long-term future to the Bellinger train.

Moreover, Perez and Phillips seem to agree that Harper’s left-handedness makes a player like A.J. Pollock a better overall fit. The pair discussed the fact that opposing teams purposely lined up their rotation to have their southpaw starters face the Dodgers in 2018.

Because of this, the Dodgers are probably better off without Harper and his hefty price tag. Hopefully, Bellinger proves to be worth the same or better win-share at a fraction of the cost. While the duo errantly state that the Dodgers are projected to win 100 games – they’re going to find their way to 90-plus in all likelihood.

Someday, we will look back on this chapter and be glad it didn’t go down with Harper in Dodger Blue.

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  1. To miss out on a 26-year-old superstar, when you can afford him, is just stupid. Watch him go to a team that beats us.

  2. I’ve never considered the comparison between Bellinger and Harper before. Probably because I view Bellinger as the Dodgers primary first baseman (considering their still full outfield). However, I think the comparison makes sense on the offensive side. I don’t think Bellinger is as good as Harper yet, but they’re very similar.

    1. They WAR out comparatively. Bellinger really has a chance to do like 6-8 WAR if everything breaks right

  3. Anyone else getting tired of the daily diatribe re Harper. What gives him the right to demand 300 million dollars? Lesser salaries mean less expensive tickets. How often can us average fans bring a family of four to a ballpark due to the costs of tickets, parking, hot dogs and food/drinks? Most will not come with a hundredth of that amount in a lifetime of work. The Harper/Machado daily rumors continue unabated ad nauseum. Enough already. Spoiled brats who have led their teams nowhere

    1. I don’t understand how these poor Angelinos can afford to take the whole tribe to the games they must be spending their money irresponsibly like they do with cars

  4. 1. I never wanted Harper or Machado – overrated players and pain in the ass people!

    2. Both the MLB commentators and Clint Evans are correct about Bellinger. Play him every day, Roberts, or whoever is pulling your strings!

  5. With the manager’s propensity to platoon, I will be surprised if Belles plays almost exclusively at first base. I hope he does!!!! The platooning is driving me nuts – as is the absence of bunting and consistent situational hitting. I still love my Dodgers!!!! Going on 68 years of living and breathing this team. Go Blue!!!

  6. Bellinger just need to make good contact and stop fucking swinging at shit pitches and hit the good ones; instead of letting them go by. bellinger needs to stay at first. The dodgers just want everyone to be able to platoon, so their can replace a injury player. They need to get players that aren’t injury prone. But Aj Pollock will go on the dL and half the dodgers team probably will to. Hell just teach bellinger how to pitch then if a pitcher gets hurt bellinger can go pitch for them.

  7. Bellinger will. Continue to decline this year and become Joc 2 or put it together and become a good reliable player. The odds are he will decline if they platoon him. the league seems to have his number. We should know by August.

  8. Rumors in New York are that Yankees would like to sign Harper and dump Stanton. Opportunity for the Dodgers: Stanton has 10 more years on his contract with an AAV of $25 Million. The Marlins are already on the hook for $3 million a year of that total. If the Yankees throw in another $3 Million per year, it would reduce the AAV that another team would have to pay to only $19 million of his AAV and that’s what would count against the new teams Lux Tax consideration.
    Meanwhile Stanton has full no trade rights as part of his contract and will only approve a trade to LA.
    So the Dodgers trade Joc Pederson to NYY and get a relatively inexpensive superstar in the process. Okay so maybe they have to throw in Yimi Garcia, Josh Fields or some other surplus reliever. Then the Yankees go out and sign Harper and everyone’s happy.

    Even MLB is thrilled because the sport goes through a super surge as the Dodgers and Yankees meet each other in the WS at least 3X in the next 10 years!!!!

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