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MLB: Rob Manfred Open to Keeping the World Series at Neutral Locations Moving Forward

The 2020 season brought a lot of changes to the MLB that we’re not used to seeing as fans. The universal DH, roster changes, and a quirky extra-innings rule made it one weird season. And now with that season behind us, everyone just wants to know what 2021 looks like. 

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently spoke with The Daily about what rule changes could stick around. Of those rule changes, the neutral location World Series is something that will likely be discussed in the plans for the future. 

I wouldn’t say a neutral-site World Series is completely off the table. There were things that we saw in Texas that were advantages for us. You can plan. You can take out travel. You can pick sites that eliminate weather problems. Those are all things worthy of conversation and discussion. I think the big (weight) on the scale in favor of our traditional format, the thing that really matters at the end of the day, are fans in home markets.

Most fans figured that these rules were around only for 2020 because of the pandemic. But from what it sounds like, Manfred isn’t opposed to MLB going with a Super Bowl type of situation. It worked out well at the new Globe Life Field in Arlington, but it was a little bit of an odd situation. The Dodgers played 16 of their playoff games there in 2020, while most teams were only there for a few games.

Would you like to see MLB absorb a World Series policy similar to that of the National Football League? Or do you much prefer the advantages of playing at your home stadium? Sound off in the comments below. 

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  1. It’s an interesting idea. The playoff format of 7 games in 7 days helps a deep team like the Dodgers. What I didn’t like was the teams playing in stadiums that nullified the HR…such as San Diego and TX which are cavernous parks. However the Dodgers have elite speed in the outfield and we’re able to barrel up the ball. It’s a tough decision that will be decided depending on the Revenue that might be generated. It’s all about the Money!

  2. No, no, no, and no. Local fans get heavily invested in their team, with the major dividend being a possible World Series in their very backyards. The sound of more than 50,000 fans cheering with you with every pitch can’t be compared to any other sport’s post season finale. The character of each World Series competing team is tested when faced with opposing fans in the opponent’s park. The sounds of the World Series are as memorable as the play on the field. Take that away from the real fans and instead take it to a generic park where half the ticket holders might care about the team you are invested in and the Series will lose its heart. What’s up with this commissioner?? Learn baseball!

  3. Manfredi ought to be criminally charged for tampering.. Looks like “to the victors belong the spoils” is another cancel culture move. Why should the fans who support their teams’ efforts ( not only vocally but by shelling out money to attend games ) to make it to the World Series get any special privileges? After all that is unfair to those who rooted against the champs to be able to get to see the games? It is time to call a halt t letting the inmates run the asylum. I’d like to think Manfredi is past his prime but cannot as he never had any moments of glory as a Commish-only hell bent to reshape the game to his personal fancy

  4. What is wrong with this guy. Some fans wait a lifetime to be able to go to a World Series Game. I was lucky enough to go to game two in 1988. (Wish I bought game 1 tickets) I took my 12 year old son and 68 year old father with me. No way I could have done that if the game were held out of town. Memories that will live on forever. Bad enough competing with LA fans for tickets, let alone competing with the whole country for tickets. This is another excuse to create a city bidding war to raise money for MLB. I call BULLSH**.

  5. How about we get rid of Manfred and move him to a neutral site when he can no longer screw up the game we all love! I’m OK with the DH but every other change he’s brought to the game is BS. Lets get a commissioner that understands and likes the game.

  6. Manfred has never had a good idea. He is batting 0 for life. Fans deserve to see their teams play in their home stadiums where they live. And home field advantage should be something earned and real. Fans are the backbone of all sports. The lack of fans in the 2020 regular and postseason will bankrupt teams if allowed to continue into the the future. It’s obvious that Manfred knows nothing about baseball. Apparently he also knows nothing about business. How much longer will this pinhead be tolerated? Get back to real baseball with a real commissioner who really has a clue.

  7. Where’s a Giamatti or Vincent when you need them? This guy is a puppet for the owners!!! He dodged a bullet when the all star game was cancelled.

  8. I like that! World Series should and must be at a neutral site so there’s no home court advantage for either team. It should be in places like Maine or Rhode Island where there’s no baseball but cold. This will toughen up the players to perform at their highest level.

  9. If you win you should get home field advantage. The fans should be able to see their team play in their ball park. It’s all about the dinero and screw the fans. I don’t see the players going for a neutral site. As far as the DH it’s ok with me as it gives some players new life.

  10. Shove it Manfred. All of the rules need to go by the wayside with only the possibility of the DH staying.

  11. It is time for Manfred to go. We survived all these years playing the world series in your own park. Why tinker with it now.

  12. This guy has no right running or ruining baseball !!!! Home fans pay big bucks for season tickets and they want to see there team playing at home . Is he trying to destroy the game ? 55,000 fans at Dodger stadium, nothing like playing for the home team and vice versa . Don’t let him do this !!!!!!!!

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