MLB Rumors: Mariners Have Held Trade Talks On Matt Kemp

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Prior to last season coming to an end, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said a resolution for the team’s crowded outfield need to be reached this offseason.

When Andrew Friedman was hired as president of baseball operations, he expressed little concern over the surplus of outfielders. However, at the general managers’ meetings in Phoenix earlier this month, Friedman acknowledged the Dodgers would benefit from trading an outfielder.

Friedman’s remarks came after the Dodgers reportedly began shopping Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp. Since that point, Kemp’s name has continued to draw considerable interest and according to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Seattle Mariners have inquired on the outfielder:

While Yoenis Céspedes may be the most attractive outfielder due to his age, talent and ability to remain healthy, he could pose a free agency problem for the Mariners in 2016 as he has just one year remaining on his contract.

The same is true for Justin Upton, which leaves Kemp granted perhaps still with some injury concerns, as the only outfielder of the three mentioned that comes with long-term security; the 30 year old has $107 million remaining on his contract over five years.

Kemp got off to a slow start last season before finishing the year strong after finding a new home in right field. After the All-Star break, Kemp slashed .309/.365/.606 with 17 home runs and 54 RBIs. Kemp finished the year batting .287/.346/.506, hit 25 home runs and drove in 89 runs.

If the Dodgers are to move Kemp, it may open the door for Joc Pederson to start in center field come Opening Day and it would move Yasiel Puig back to right field. However, that would be a large jump for Pederson, who only has 18 Major-League games under his belt and 11 strikeouts in 28 at-bats.

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    1. your right Michael friedman said he wanted to go with younger playeras but he signs a 39 year old has been,but yet he lets Ramirez go tradingkemp would be a

      1. bad idea,trade ethier and Crawford, then van slyke would get the chance to play every day he earned it.he would be starting any where else. my opening day out field would be van slyke in left ,puig in center and kemp in right.let Pederson sit on the bench until he learns the pitchers more. put turner at short for now until seager is ready. we need a fith starter and a better catcher and bull pen help.every body frieemans signed so far sucks.trading kemp would be bad hes just now coming back into his groove again.

        1. if kemp can stay healthy he will hit 40 hrs with at least 120 R B I S AND AVERAGE WISE ABOUT 301 TO 320

      2. Ramirez can’t play defense anymore and can’t stay healthy….so what were they going to do with him? And your comment below, why would you bring Pederson up to sit on the bench? If he is on the roster, he will be playing, otherwise he will be at AAA.

  1. Assuming Kemp is really dealt (which, I think would be a BAD idea), the outfield to start the season would be Crawford, Puig and Ethier, with Van Slyke and Pederson on bench, ready to replace any of them. Does Seattle have the pitching the Dodgers need to make the trade?

    1. The above lineup for opening day is NOT what I prefer, just what would probably be if the Dodgers make the mistake of trading away Kemp. I’d rather see Pederson in left field, Puig in center and Kemp in right, with Van Slyke coming off bench. But who is gonna take on Ethier’s and Crawford’s big contracts. Trading away either of those guys is NOT gonna bring much in return to Dodgers, unfortunately.


    1. I’m afraid so. This is a rebuilding year and nobody told us. The humongous brain trust has thrown in the towel on 2015. We’ll have our next run when all their Little Leaguers get to the Bigs.

        1. Well, they haven’t moved much at all for one thing. Certainly, not anything of consequence, anyway. That is, of course, we are trying to stockpile PTBNL’s which is what most of these trades have looked like. They let Hanley go, not an unreasonable move considering the alternatives but still a significant loss. If they trade Kemp away for whatever, then they might as well be rebuilding because they will finish no higher than fourth. I believe in a good starting rotation, too but, as was seen in last year’s playoffs, starting pitching can not do it all. The Dodgers did not do well against left handed starters last year. Without solid right side batters, they can expect to do even worse. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll do in the playoffs, if you don’t make the playoffs. Hence, you might as well rebuild.


          1. You still stand by your theory that trading Kemp lands them in 4th place?

          2. The defense is certainly better, including Hendrick at second. That is
            certain. They certainly couldn’t continue to get less than .200 from the catcher position. And the bullpen, I believe, is better but we’ll see. But can
            this lineup score runs? Can this rotation stay healthy? That is a huge

  3. We need an infield and c and p plus what about pederson in left kemp in right and puig in center boom

  4. Kemp gets traded for a third string minor leaguer and a box of thin mint cookies !

  5. All that needs to be said is, when the new owners bought the team. They made all us fans huge promise’s, If they trade Matt Kemp, I personally will have no trust in this ownership group?

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