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MLB: Super Agent Scott Boras Talks Baseball’s Rumored Plans

MLB’s latest rumored plan to move all teams to Arizona is strange, to say the least. While some players have been all for getting games going no matter what, others have been hesitant to commit. But baseball’s biggest agent has plenty to say on the matter.

Scott Boras has been one of baseball’s most prominent sport’s agents for quite some time. This past offseason, he got over the one billion mark in news contracts for just six of the players that he represents. Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, and Stephen Strasburg represent the biggest contracts in that time. But even MLB’s super-agent, who is very protective of his players, is all for the Arizona plan. 

It allows for immediacy of a schedule, where you might be able to begin it and televise it, provide Major League Baseball to America. I think players are willing to do what’s necessary because I think they understand the importance of baseball for their own livelihoods and for the interest of our country and providing a necessary product that gives all the people that are isolated enjoyment.

While MLB has not made anything official, it is starting to feel like this may be one of the last options remaining. Health officials in California have already said that having games played is not likely until November, and that estimate does not seem to be improving. As for Boras, he also understands why this will be difficult for players. 

You’re going to be largely separated from your families and you’re going to have to function in a very contained way. It’s not it’s not a normal life, this idea. You’re going to have an identified group of people. You’re going to have a constantly tested group of people. And you’re going to have a very limited access of those people to the outside world so that you can assure a very uncontaminated league, if you will, to produce a product that is inspirational to our country.

One thing to keep in mind with all of this is Boras’ motivation to get guys to play. If they are not paid this year, then neither is he. 

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  1. You know what’s inspirational to the country? Finding ways to end this thing and then doing it and getting back to normal.

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