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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez is Pro-Universal DH in a Shortened Season

Former Dodgers’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez has been out of baseball for almost two years now. But that’s not stopping him from giving his two cents on how a possible shortened season should look in MLB for 2020.

In an interview with am570’s David Vassegh, Gonzo gave a few ideas on what he thinks will help out a short season. 

The biggest thing here is that Gonzalez thinks the league should utilize the universal DH. That means the Dodgers’ pitchers would not be hitting, something National League fans love as part of the game. His thought process behind the idea is that pitchers would get a chance to pitch up to their pitch limits rather than being pulled for a hitter mid-game. 

Gonzalez also noted that now was the time for the league to try out any new rules or technology that they want to try. Robot umpires and the homerun derby were the two things he referenced, saying that this was the season to do it. It’s worth noting that Gonzo also said that no matter what, this season would have an asterisk behind it. 

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