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MLB: The Korean Baseball League Will Start on May Fifth

MLB is still struggling to find a start date, but there may be some good news on the horizon. The Korean Baseball League announced this week that they have reached a start date to begin baseball games again.

The announcement comes nearly one month after the KBO was supposed to start on March 28th, just two days after the MLB season. Teams will reportedly play four games each to get ready for the start of the season in what would be a very short preseason. 

The change for the KBO was that coronavirus numbers started to dip. The number of new cases in South Korea apparently dipped to single digits on Saturday, solidifying the league’s decision to return without fans. MLB has discussed similar plans but under far different circumstances. New COVID-19 cases per day are still in the roughly in the five-digit figures

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The biggest difference between the KBO and MLB is that they have been able to play intrasquad games without fans up to this point. The league has been able to keep players safe and healthy and allowed them to stay in game-shape. Baseball in America is still out of the question as of right now, regardless of whether or not there are fans in attendance. 

As encouraging as it is to see that the KBO is getting things relatively back to normal, it’s worth noting that MLB is still a ways off. In terms of COVID-19 number, it seems as though the United States is nowhere near the new single-digit cases that South Korea has reached. Keep in mind, I’m a sportswriter and know absolutely nothing about the virus or the way it spreads.

If MLB is able to get back to games, it seems like the early report of July still seems to be the most likely timeframe.

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