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MLB: Fans Are Starting to Sue Over Ticket Refunds

You had to figure at some point MLB was going to face some sort of backlash in its failure to issue ticket refunds. Not only has the league failed to start issuing refunds, but communication with fans across baseball has been almost silent. Reaching out to the Dodgers directly, the word has been that the team is waiting on the league’s direction for refunds.

And to an extent, it does make sense that the league would hold off on holding refunds. They want to ensure games have to be called off entirely before giving back money. It does not, however, make any sense to let it go this long with minimal communication. As a result, MLB is now starting to face lawsuits over ticket refunds from fans. 

The lawsuit was started by two New York fans who are going after MLB directly. The lawsuit is also searching for other plaintiffs who find themselves in similar situations. The attorney for the case, Glenn Phillips, released the following statement on the matter. 

During an unprecedented crisis, while so many businesses have provided refunds for services that can’t be fulfilled, it remains notable that baseball — America’s pastime — is forcing fans to take the loss on ticket sales. Millions of Americans are out of work right now and need access to the funds wrongfully withheld by MLB, MLB teams, and ticket merchants.

The two plaintiffs are a Mets fan who bought partial season tickets, and  Yankees fan that purchased a ten-game package. The Mets’ plan cost the plaintiff $1730 while the Yankees fan is out $926 to Ticketmaster. MLB is choosing to treat games as postponements rather than complete cancellations, as ridiculous as that may sound. 

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If the two are successful in their lawsuit against MLB, that could open the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of fans. With the number of games already missed, baseball could find itself in a deep financial hole very quickly. 

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  1. I was wondering how long it would take, for this to “Occur”. I’m surprised it took so long. I’m not a “Season Ticket” Holder; but if I was, I most likely would have started, the first week in April.

  2. 1st time partial season ticket holder, spent 3000 dollars, really can use that money right now,

  3. partial season ticket holder over 3300 paid. not happy with not receiving refund for those games “postponed” They can’t make them up, so they need to refund. if they don’t I will never go to another dodger gm or buy their merchandise.

  4. Teams have to refund the money.
    I have zero empathy for the owners. They are making more money than ever. Maybe, this will end the $20-million/year contracts forever.
    Come 2021, I will make sure to go to at least 40 games and the whole first week of Spring Training.!!!!!

  5. As someone who live in Australia and bought tickets to two games that have already passed I wish they would refund the tickets.

    Travel is impossible and will be for the whole season so they should look at each situation and refund these kinds of situations.

    The Angels did refund our tickets but the Dodgers have not even responded.

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