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MLB To Ease Up Restrictions if Clubs Reach Certain Vaccination Percentages

Major League Baseball is all aboard the COVID-19 vaccination hype train. After remaining relatively silent on the subject of required vaccinations, MLB sent out a memo this week to incentivize it. They noted that teams that reach an 85 percent vaccination rate for Tier 1 personnel. That group includes players and staff who have direct contact with players. 

MLB teams have NOT required their players to receive the vaccination. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts got his first dose recently but said on Monday that it was a personal decision for every player and staff member. 

The loosening of protocols includes the ability to workout at the ballpark without wearing a mask. It also changes the frequency of testing and allows for players and staff to gather indoors with other vaccinated personnel. MLB would also allow players to be exempt from quarantine if they come into contact with a person infected with the virus. 

Vaccination for COVID-19 is a critical component of promoting and protecting the health and safety of all players, staff, and their families. All players and staff are strongly encouraged to receive one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines when eligible. -MLB’s memo to teams

MLB teams that reach the mark will not have to wear the mandated contact tracking devices. They will also not be required to wear face masks in the dugouts during games when not playing. Players would be allowed to dine indoors and can gather on team planes and hotel common areas. 

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All of these things have been restricted throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons. MLB does not plan to make the names public in terms of players and staff who choose to get their vaccination. The Dodgers have also said that it was something their medical staff would go over with each player at some point this season. 

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  1. Vaccinations should never be required as a condition of employment or anything else. However, paying bonuses to employees to get vaccinated seems like a good approach, and would help them overcome the lost income from last year. It’s always a better idea to reward employees, rather than punishing them. Money spent on employees would also free up seats for fans, which would generate an income offset, as well as rewarding fans. Why not make both your employees and customers happy. It’s good business, and should be common sense.

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