MLB: Trevor Bauer Sandlot Pickup Game Much Better the Second Time Through

Did you know that Eric Gagne was there? Did you have much of an idea of what was going on the first time? If you’re like most people, you probably cringed a bit when watching Trevor Bauer’s quickly put together “Sandlot” game with pro baseball players. It seemed rushed and dull, and like no one knew what was going on…

Of course, live events are very hard to do, so I applaud the effort for major and minor leaguers to do what they could to provide baseball-esque content to the masses.

Now, after a few days of editing time, the official video produced by Bauer’s company “Momentum” offered a much better viewing experience.


The condensed 21-minute version offered as much content as a group of bros who barely know each other could offer — not that that’s a bad thing. What’s puzzling in the early sighting of former Dodgers All-Star Eric Gagne who appears to have straight up just left after selecting a team. He was a team captain, by the way.

Of the highlights, the trash can banging was top-notch, and Trevor Bauer’s shoes stole the show. In a close second place was Mike Clevinger’s 80-grade outfit — also, isn’t he recovering from knee surgery? Another former Dodger in Casey Sadler was there and he brought his daughter for what proved to be adorable background content.

As an early distraction from what became a long layoff from baseball, this effort did what it set out to do. Thank you for the hustle, fellas!

What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!

Clint Pasillas

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