Most Dodgers Fans Agree that a 60 Game Season is Not Enough Baseball

30 games, 30 games to go. At the halfway point of the season, the Dodgers are far and away the best team in baseball. They were the first team in baseball to 20 wins, 21 wins, and as of now 22 wins. They lead MLB in wins, winning percentage, runs scored, and in run differential by nearly 40 runs.

TL;DR: the Dodgers are good. So good, in fact, they leave you wanting more in this COVID shortened 60 game season. Dodgers Nation recently ask you all your thoughts on the short season and if you liked the 60 sprint over the 162 game marathon. Resoundingly, fans feel the 60 games is just not enough.

For the Normal 162


Pro Shorter Comments

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

A number of responses were not quite fans but not quite haters. User JoshBGans was among the many on Twitter that offered up their solution on a middle ground.


More users on Facebook chimed in.

Kathy had this to say:

Would love a full season, half is better than none right now. I’m just glad I get to watch them on TV again Been a fan since 1959 GO DODGERS!!!

Hilary says:

No, but I’m so thankful they had one this year! Baseball is a summer staple for my family and I. As fast as this year has gone, it feels like we had no summer!

Jovel might have the perfect response, since we’re only through half of an unprecedented shortened season:

Honestly, halfway through it, I can’t say I love it or hate it yet… the biggest issue for me is not seeing them live!

Same, Jovel… same.

Final Thoughts

A number of thoughts can swirl in your mind the more you think about this season. What are we missing with this team? Where would it have stood with a regular 162? Is this a fair send off for what could potentially be the final season in Dodger blue for players like Justin Turner or Enrique Hernandez among others?

There are pros and cons to both sides of this argument… where do you stand after 30 games? Continue the conversation in the comments below!


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  1. Cliff Floyd put it well on MLB network the other day. “If you can’t win the WS with this team, then you probably aren’t going to win the WS.” Of course, the expanded playoffs puts that in a little more jeopardy than normal. It gets even worse if they have to go into a playoff “bubble.” Watching the NBA play in a bubble is painful with the players seemingly in a daze. I suspect that the Dodgers still seeking to break the “curse” will give them incentive. But we all know these games mean nothing. October is all that counts. Go Blue!!!

  2. My only problem is that the playoffs are going to be lame with no fans and then no parade after. Whoever wins won’t be looked at the same as other champions. Believe it or not there’s a lot stripped away with nobody in the stands. One being added pressure. In short it’s going to be anti climatic

  3. To ALL Dodger Fans…Lets just be GREATFUL that we have a short season as opposed to NO season at all! We support Our boys in blue regardless and THANK GOODNESS we can at least see Our team play this year.We can blame the pandemic for Our lifes being turned upside down!! Lets hope for the best and look forward to a full baseball season next year and being able to watch OUR Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium again!!!! Lets Go Dodgers!!

  4. I don’t care how many games are played this year as long as there is world series, and the Dodgers win it.

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