New Dodger Dog? Farmer John Out at Dodger Stadium and Fans are Noticing!

Today it was reported that Farmer John is no longer supplying Dodger Dogs after the company and the Los Angeles Dodgers failed to come to an agreement in 2019. We react to Farmer John, Dodgers President Stan Kasten, and Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully’s statements on the news.

Plus, does the new Dodger dog taste different and is it time to make changes to baseball’s most iconic stadium food.


The response online has understandably been mixed. Sure, Farmer John and the Dodgers have been synonymous with one another for decades, but Dodger Dogs are hardly anything to write home about. Still, some fans have been outspoken about the Chavez Ravine staple being taken away with one fan offering up, “If it ain’t Farmer John, it ain’t a damn Dodger Dog.”

What’s your take on the retirement of the Dodger Dog?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


    1. After watching the Dodgers and “play”(on tv) against Seattle, San Diego and the last two games the Reds, I say thank you Tim for making me laugh for your comment about the Dodger Dogs!

    2. Tim, true. But the loss of the “Farmer John Dodger Dog” is emblematic of “one more thing” that *means* “The Dodgers.” We’ve lost the O’Malley’s, we’ve lost Vinnie, we lost the “Kiddie Corps” (ie: a stable, long-running infield). Now we have bat-flips, brawls in the parking lot, all kinds of BS meant to make baseball more “safe”, the designated hitter, and the ever-lovely Sabermetrics. And let’s not even talk about the actual *cost* of taking in a ballgame; it approaches a day at Disneyland. Yeah, Tim. The Dodgers *do* have a lot more problems than Dodger Dogs.

  1. I’m an olde man…I love Hot Dogs……I’ve been a Dodgers fan since 1958 & they arrived here! I always ate Dodgers Dogs when I went to the stadium…it was automatic…However I always drowned them in Relish & Onions because they were & are lousy hot dogs! They are the equivalent of the cheapest Farmer John or Oscar Meyer or 99 cent store no name dogs loaded with salt for taste!
    I love a really good gourmet Kosher weiner with sauerkraut or chili & cheese on it! It’s time the Dodgers came up with a worthy hot dog worth the $10 they’re charging!!!!

    1. I’m an olde man too, saw my first game in 1977 and Dodger Stadium still takes my breath away. I have been to about a 10 other baseball stadiums, and I think Dodger Dogs are bad. Only Hot Dogs at Oakland A’s stadium is as bad, the stadium is a dump. If your going to the A’s game, I would just rather go to Top Dog next to UC Berkley. My favorite dog at a baseball stadium a Chicago dog. In no particular order I like the hot dogs from SF Gaints, Angeles, Padres, and both old and new stadiums for Reds, NY Yankee, and Mets.

      People who say Dodger Dogs are great also say they love Pinks hot dogs too, and it ok. I rather eat a Oki dog.

  2. We actually just had this discussion on Monday night and two out of three did not like the new hot dog, bland! This was before we heard about the change and blamed it on the different condiments, but now I think it was definitely the hot dog. I thought something was up on opening day but was too hungry when I finally got my food to think much about it 🙂

  3. On what the Dodgers charge for their hot dogs, they can afford not to skimp on the quality of the ingredients. I read about it in a trade magazine back in 2019 and the Dodgers were apparently asking for a contract that didn’t cover the cost of production.

  4. I think the Dodger Dog is a staple in Dodger history, however I think we should be working on how we are going to get people healthy and back in the line up. Right now Pitching is crappy, Batting is hitless and we field like a minors little league baseball team with a bunch of first year players! For what we are paying for, it’s about time to start producing, we have won 2 out of our last 10 games, that’s horrible for this talented team, despite all the rookies we have in the line up! It’s time to light a fire on some buns and I don’t mean hotdog buns!

  5. Who cares it’s an overrated expensive dog. Dodgers need new announcers. They both talk stupid

    1. The new hot dog sucks. Too bad the Dodgers had to get greedy over the Dodger Dog. I mean yes they overcharge for everything but that distinct Dodger Dog taste . It’s a shame that they are gone. Nothing beats the memories of going to the park with my Grandpa when I was a little kid and having a Dodger Dog.

  6. My childhood was filled with memories of Vin Scully saying “Faaaaaaarrrrrrmer John” on the radio. I even named my dog, “Dodger…” I didn’t remember Dodger Dogs being bland… But after ketchup, mustard and relish…. Who knows?

  7. Everything about this is wrong. I get it things change but cmon Farmer Johns is synonymous with Los Angeles just like the Dodger Dog. I don’t even have to try the new one. Bring back Farmer John and the Dodgerr Dog. Is someone getting greedy here? WTF? Not enough money to go around. I’d like to hear the details on this one because ….yeah well I’m not even trying the new version. Oh and BTW 6 is my DD number. Right field pavilion 2016.

    1. Well after not attending just watching on TV the price to get in and the price for a Dodger Dog was outrageous. Sports venues are pricing themselves out. By the way dodger dogs are own by Smithfield Foods which is a subsidiary of a China based company. God only knows what are now in those DOGS…..

  8. No Farmer John . Just one more thing that’s gone wrong in the pandemic Era.

  9. Two years ago I went to my very first Dodgers game and of course I wanted to enjoy the infamous Dodger dog. After much anticipation throughout my entire life upbringing as being a True Blue Dodgers fan I bit into the Dodger dog and well my taste buds were not in agreement with it. Surely it wasn’t an all beef dog and if it is supposed to be it definitely didn’t taste like a Farmer John all beef weiner. To be quite honest a prefer the “Select” all beef footlong wieners that are sold at Vons. Those taste yummy. Anywho, I am not trying to pro.ote Vons brand products but you really need to try one for yourself.

  10. My one and only trip to Dodger Stadium was in the early 90’s. The Dodger Dogs were grilled over flame and had that distinctive char-grilled flavor. So, how do they prepare them now? Or, did prepare them the past few years?

  11. I’m 65 years old
    Semi retired electrician and have been disappointed with what I remember as being the dodger dog.
    When we came to the games it was always a treat to get in line and watch the grilled dogs put in a bun with the wrapper underneath and open faced, ready to add the fixings. Why it changed to a soggy bun wrapped around the wiener is beyond me. The ingredients of the farmer john dogs has probably always been less desirable. So I don’t have a problem with making a change but for what they charge they can serve them with more care.

  12. Dodger dogs are something to worry about TIM
    If you grew up with Dodgers Stadium like I did and many others who continue to dislike the changes being made to baseball altogether is a shame.
    If you’ve got to change something you need to announce it before you might be tripping on history.
    A suggestion would be Nathan’s the by far best tasting hot dogs around.

  13. Please go to any other baseball stadium and try a real hot dog. I have been going to Dodger games from 1977 and thought we had the best hot dog, but once I went to Wrigley I found the best. I once asked Dodger owner what wrong with with our hotdogs and he apologies to me and blamed it on the old facility (equipment). Yes Dodgers stadium is one of the oldest stadium in baseball but come on, they somehow make the best dog at Wrigley and it’s way older stadium. I once at two Dodger dog and I felt sick.

  14. The Dodgers still sell Dodger Dogs – they just are no longer made by Farmer John. Dodgers own the rights to the name. Many concession stands at the Stadium still proudly proclaim in large letters Dodger Dogs. I was at the Wednesday game we won 8-0, and had a new Dodger Dog. I liked it MUCH better than the Farmer John DD. Missed the relish and onions, but that will be back soon enough this summer.

  15. I have purchased my Last Dodger Dog! I will start buying them when they bring back the Farmer John! New Dogs are bland and they just don’t taste like a Dodger Dog!

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