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New Dodgers Prospect Justin Chambers Praised by GM Who Traded Him

In one of the smaller moves for the Los Angeles Dodgers this offseason, the team acquired left-handed prospect Justin Chambers. The Dodgers acquired Chambers from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Bryan Hudson, who was designated for assignment Dec. 27 to make room for Yoshinobu Yamamoto on the 40-man roster.

Brewers general manager Matt Arnold told Dodgers Nation he was reluctant to part with Chambers, and thinks the Dodgers did well in the trade.

The Brewers selected Chambers out of his Arizona high school in the 20th round of the draft last June, but he hasn’t pitched since undergoing Tommy John surgery during his senior year.

“When we saw him good in high school, he was really good. Certainly didn’t love giving him up. Those guys did a nice job identifying him. Nice job Andrew. That was a good deep dive by him. We like the guy we got.”

— Milwaukee Brewers GM Matt Arnold

Chambers offered this scouting report:

“Really good pitchability and a good breaking ball. Touches 95, young lefty, physical, if you’re into that. It works. Felt like it was the right ask, and we like what we got.

— Arnold

The 18-year-old pitcher is still quite young, but will have plenty of time to develop in the minor leagues. The Dodgers have a long track record of developing pitching prospects, and should do Chambers well in his development.

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. This is why the Dodgers are heads above everyone else in player developement. They appear to have gotten another gem in the LHP from the Cubs. The SS from the Twins is possibly a GG defender, if they can develope his stick. It’s been a long time since the Dodgers have had a legit switch hitter.

    1. I believe switchhitting is pointless.
      One should stick to one side plate or the other, They are NEVER equally good anyways. They should get same numbers switchhitting as staying on one side of the plate.
      The skill level of these player should be able to overcome any perceived difference in gains from switch hitting which are negligible in reality.

      And there seems to be advantages to hitting on the side that is your best.

      Name a switch hitter in the last 50 years that switch hitting made any real difference. where their skill level would have accomplished the same thing anyways if not better staying on one side.

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