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Nick Turturro Accuses Dodgers Outfielder Joc Pederson of Flipping Him Off

Dodgers fans tuning in to the game against the New York Yankees on Sunday may or may not have recognized actor Nick Turturro sitting directly behind home plate.

The actor was especially visible in the bottom of the ninth as he celebrated the Yankees closing out a series win. His antics seem to have annoyed Joc Pederson according to a video Turturro uploaded to Twitter during the game in which he accused the Dodgers’ OF of flipping him off.

In the video, Turturro claims to have gotten in Pederson’s head by simply looking at him, but whether or not his accusations hold up to the truth have yet to be confirmed.

Pederson certainly seemed fine in the first inning as he blasted a 420-foot bomb off of Domingo German’s first pitch. He did, however, come up short in his next two at-bats to finish off the game at 1-3.

The rest of the Dodgers’ offense was non-existent for the rest of the game as well, only recording four more hits the rest of the game and none coming with runners in scoring position.

Dodgers fans can only hope they get the final laugh if the team ends up taking on the Yankees in the Fall Classic come October.

Kellan Grant

I’m currently a junior at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and I have a passion for sports journalism. I grew up in the LA area and am a diehard fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, Kings. My favorite Dodgers memory was watching Kershaw tear up after the team won the 2017 NLCS and advanced to the World Series for the first time in his career. After college, I plan on either pursuing a career as a sports journalist or working in sports law.


  1. On TV, in the ninth inning , they showed Turturro and he looked totally out of control!!! The look on his face, appeared to be drunk out of his mind, barely standing up and screaming at whoever would listen!!! He had a big white hat that kept falling off and he kept waving it!!! Very annoying to watch while you’re trying to watch the game!!! Keep him in the Bronx and off the screen!!!

    1. I would have told Turturo to go take a hike myself. By acting the way he did he has nothing to say and remember this folks…”he who is without sin, let him throw the first stone’

    2. That was no white hat. It was a woven tweed brown hat… The exact same as mine same blue band, same brand I’m certain. So after watching him disgrace the entire stadium yesterday, mine’s going straight to the dumpster…

  2. Whats with all these So-Cal Yankee fans, I know we have a few transplants from the East Coast, but I doubt 90% of the Yankee fans at the game, have never set foot in New York City and are probably Patriots and Warriors fans.

    1. lol so true a lot of them look from the same barrios as the dodgers fans they’re just phonies and bandwagoners

  3. If I had been acting like that in the aisle and not sitting in my seat, I would have been told to sit down be responsible.
    Why does this clown get to act like a drunk fool behind the plate when fans are trying to watch the game?

    1. Dear Nicolas Turturro,

      Because Joc Pederson flipped YOU the bird? Hey, what shit were you talking just BEFORE he smashed that ball to the (almost) right-field parking lot?

      So THAT’S what “triggered” you, snowflake?

      Hey, dude, you’re FROM NEW YAWK! YOUSE GUYS talk MORE shit than ANYONE!

      Hey, Nancy, why not INSTEAD turn that rage towards the KNICKS?

      Pfft… Pussy.

      P.S. At least The Jesus can toss the rock in GREAT films.

  4. He probably deserves it just look at him get bent out of shape about it as he shares it with the world on social media like a victim cry baby

  5. It looked like a rerun of a movie,we’ve all seen before in the playoffs this weekend,the overall offense was non existent and Kershaw and Ryu were not at their very best by giving up untimely home runs. I hope these are not coming attractions for this year’s playoffs.

    1. Especially with the 5-1 loss to conclude like the last 2 World Series. Fishy. Sports are probably a movie

      1. NODH , Yankees out played Dodgers in every category this weekend. I do not want Dodgers in the WS this year, sorry to say. 9 HR’s hit by the Yankees this past weekend which is 4 more than the runs total for the Dodgers.. And the BP? No comment needed.

  6. Regardless. Its pretty obvious the Dodgers will not be winning the World Series this year.
    Yankees showed they are a better team. Im a 60 year Dodger fan. My opinion.

    1. As a 60 year baseball fan you know a weekend series in August, when the team hadn’t been hitting for a week, means nothing come October. Nobody picked the Dodgers in ’88 over the Mets in the NLCS much less the series. I’m happy Jansen looked vintage after the silly soft contact nonsense in the 9th of game on Saturday.

      1. Hey, almost 50 year fan here… the PanicVille Station train leaves and yet, NONE of those folks GET ON THAT TRAIN?

  7. 1st off it was a 3 game series so let’s not look beyond that, 2nd thing is neither team has made it to the playoffs yet ??? Love my DODGERS, WIN OR LOSE???

  8. BTW, for tonight’s game expect the same lefty lineup and similar results against this Padre pitcher to that of Friday’s game against the Yankees when Paxton dominated this team and made them look like little league players.

  9. One other thing, the effort, if one could call it that by Dodger hitters in the 9th ewas totally sub par. Bellinger acted dis interested in his AB, as well as the other 2 hitters in which of course I knew they had a ZERO chance of reaching base or doing anything against Chapman.

  10. WOW …. Dodger fans not wanting them to get to the WS ……

    The 1965 must represent the year one of ya stopped being a Dodger fan.

    Me? I rooted for the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn …. and in LA (win or lose).

    Not concerned about a 3 gamer in August when we have already for all purposes clinched our spot in the playoffs.

  11. Also, Dave Roberts put out a lineup that was not standard, although he rarely does, but for a big series (of which he probably thought WASN’T, but the media thought OTHERWISE… and me, I fell for it, too), I don’t believe we’d see the same lineup as yesterday and maybe the two games prior that third game.

    I believe Dave is a CHESS player… although, sure, he’s been out-maneuvered before, sure, but, HE LEARNS. Hey, give those fans in New York a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY… I see Dave working here. No, not to “throw games” but, let’s see how some of these guys work out RIGHT NOW, versus a team we MAY just see in October.

    Dave is SORT OF a genius where this is concerned… yeah, sure, you’re saying, “But what has he won!?” Hey, it’s a PROCCESS. He DID get us farther than the PREVIOUS manager, correct? So, hey, what if he figures it out and they win three in a row? Yeah… THEN what will some of you label him?

  12. Turturro “got into (Joc Peterson’s) head” by simply looking at him, huh? Perhaps, Nick is a bit delusional about his implied super powers. Nevertheless, I don’t know if Joc flipped him off or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the fans (who were in the stands and affected by his buffoonery) did.

  13. He looked like I did when I was drinking….loud, thinking I was cool, thinking people liked my behavior, instead I was an obnoxious ass.
    Hope he had a driver to get him home or the closest AA meeting. Let’s have Danny Trejo sit beside him next time. That might help him control himself.

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