NLDS Game 3 Recap: Mets Hammer Dodgers To Pull L.A. On Brink Of Elimination

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Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

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All the hoopla and anticipation leading up to Game 3 of the National League Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets appeared to reach its peak when Chase Utley was loudly booed during pregame introductions.

However, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly alerted the umpires of the replay phone in the dugout being out, though it wasn’t apparent to the Citi Field crowd, and they went into even more of a fever pitch. Once play began Matt Harvey quickly retired the side in order, which included striking out Jimmy Rollins.

Although he didn’t do so as quickly, Brett Anderson also retired the three batters faced in the bottom of the first, collecting one strikeout in the process. For as much as Harvey sailed through the first inning, he found himself in a world of trouble in the second.

Justin Turner, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford all singled to load the bases with none out. Yasmani Grandal cashed in with a line drive base hit that just got by a diving Lucas Duda. Two runs scored, and a third did on Curtis Granderson’s throwing error to third base.

Yoenis Cespedes led off the bottom of the second with an infield single, which was followed by a Duda base hit. Travis d’Arnoud added to Anderson’s rough inning with an RBI single that cut the Dodgers’ lead to 3-1.

The Mets then loaded the bases on a Wilmer Flores chopper that Kendrick fielded cleanly, only to bobble the transfer. Following a force out at home plate and a Harvey strikeout, Granderson cleared the bases with a three-run double before Anderson managed to get out of the inning.

Harvey walked Gonzalez with one out in the third, then gave up a base hit to Turner, who improved to 6-for-10 in the series. Harvey kept the Dodgers at bay by striking out Ethier and Crawford swinging.

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  1. Unfortunately logical Dodgers Fans know that after Kershaw, and Greinke there are no options. Last night’s performance by the “Gas Can Brothers” (Wood/Anderson) it is very feasible to assume that the Dodgers can never make the World Series with the status quo. Unfortunately Friedman has left the Dodgers as vulnerable as ever, leaving Mattingly little options. Don’t get me wrong, I want my Dodgers to destroy the competition, but reality from the beginning tells me, it ain’t gonna happen.

    On another observation can anyone tell me why Mattingly is playing Crawford? Between Mcguire and Mattingly haven’t they watched Crawford’s at bats? 99% of every pitch has been outside the box and he is flailing over and over at the ball. He looks uncomfortable and ridiculous at the plate. Also he seems way out of sorts in left field. He’s bobbling the ball and misjudging flyballs too. I just don’t get why he’s there if he’s struggling so mightily.

    There is no point of return in the playoffs and yet it seems to me management is hand tied or oblivious.

    We might win the next two, but then what? Where is the pitching gonna come from after Greinke?

    Lastly does anyone realize that if Dee Gordon was a Dodger and with them winning the Division, he would have had an excellent chance at taking the MVP award? I would even predict that this team would have won at least 100 games this season. What a shame, and it shows me how average Friedman is at picking and trading for pitching talent. What a mistake. I’ll never get over that trade. Friedman needs to be held accountable for that f*ck-up.

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