POLL: Should the Dodgers Add More Uniform Options?

The Dodger’s jerseys have remained relatively unchanged throughout their time in Los Angeles.

While simple, their home-white and away-grey uniforms have a classic feel to them. However, with teams like the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks recently announcing their jersey redesigns, Dodgers Nation was curious whether or not fans were interested in seeing the Boys in Blue sporting other uniforms throughout the season.

Don’t Change a Thing

While not a landslide by any means, the majority of those who voted preferred that the team stick with their two current options.

Maybe Just One Addition

On the other hand, another group of people would like to see the Dodgers add an all-blue jersey, similar to the ones they wear in spring training.

How About a World Series Championship Instead

Then, there was a third group of people who really couldn’t care less about the uniforms but would rather see the team add a seventh title instead.

Personally, I think I fall within the first group of people. I don’t think the Dodgers really have much of a need to change anything when it comes to their uniforms. Still, I’d be ok with them wearing just about anything if it means they finally capture their first World Series title since 1988.

Do you think the Dodgers should add a new jersey option or leave it as is? Let us know what you think below!

Kellan Grant

I’m currently a junior at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and I have a passion for sports journalism. I grew up in the LA area and am a diehard fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, Kings. My favorite Dodgers memory was watching Kershaw tear up after the team won the 2017 NLCS and advanced to the World Series for the first time in his career. After college, I plan on either pursuing a career as a sports journalist or working in sports law.


  1. I think the Dodger uni’s, like the Yankees, are the most classic looks in baseball. I like many wouldn’t mind the Dodger blue top with White pants for some games but that Robin egg blue (KC Royals colored) uniform someone proposed was absolutely hideous. As long as they are properly tailored and don’t look like somebody just rolled out of bed, the two main uni’s they have now are historical and traditional. One thing I don’t care for is the Dodger “D” hat they wear in Spring training. That LA (or occasional B for Brooklyn) are what the Dodgers are known for (also not winning a word series since 1988, but I digress…) so there is no reason to muck around with the logo. Plus the D reminds me to much of the Diamondbacks and that I just can not abide.!

  2. No it’s already perfect and those blue ones just don’t look right for our colors it will always look amateur or spring training. What I wouldn’t mind seeing is a throwback day throughout the year where they wear the 60’s style, the way the writing is and the hat style is cool

  3. It’s the Dodgers! Would you ask the Yankees to use dotted lines instead of pinstripes? And to remind the people who are complaining about not having won WS the last 3 out of 5 years, how many teams made it to the WS in the last 5 years? We have a great product. Just a few more moves. Uniforms shouldn’t be one of them.

  4. I want more options, and think that LA should be the fashion center of the MLB. Right now AZ has all the cool textures and patterns and we look stagnate.

    1. LOL they have the lamest uniforms what are you talking about. They still can’t decide on a look and have gone through like 10 uniforms in 22 years of existence

  5. No, Hell no!
    The Dodgers are one of the few teams, I think the only team now that still remembers the classiness of baseball. All these colored jerseys other teams wear are something softball teams used to wear. In my opinion the only reason for it is marketing so the suppliers can sell more jerseys. I interact with other jersey collectors and it humors me the way some of them salivate over some of the ugliest shirts ever produced.
    Keep the white and gray, period!

  6. Just one small modification – how about the late 50s / early 60s Road uniforms that said “Los Angeles” in block style lettering. Otherwise, these uniforms are PERFECT. Don’t Clown this team. (Their Spring Training buddies, the White Sox look very good too, in my opinion).

  7. They need to add a little more red to their white uniforms like the number on the back and blue jerseys would be fine with the Los Angeles logo

  8. Hell no. The Dodger uniform is a classic. Let not start looking like a softball team.

  9. How about Friday home games as Dodger Blue Fridays. They can certainly re-design those blue jerseys a bit so they are not exactly like those used in ST But I certainly would like to see a blue type jersey once in a while.

  10. I would like to see them add the Los Angeles script back on their road greyes. It should be mandatory that all LA players wear high Blue socks, every game. Just looks better, with a classic feel. Also, take the names off the backs of the jerseys, again…. And start winning some friggin Championships!!!

  11. Wow!!!! Of all of the issues confronting the Blue during this offseason, I must say that IMHO this ranks way at the bottom of the list. Lets take the money used in in new uniforms and put it towards acquiring a RHB or a quality relief pitcher.Does anyone think that the color of new uniforms will give us a World Series ring? Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU, no doubt you are correct, but I was just giving an opinion as far as uniforms go. But I MUCH rather $$ would be spent on roster improvements, FA or otherwise for sure, especially instead of spending the money solely on stadium renovations.

      1. AZUL, please do not take my comments to be directed at you. That would never happen. I am still miffed at poor managerial decisions, and our inability to hit consistently at critical times during the playoffs. We need to spend money in the areas you and I consider critical to this teams future success : a good BP addition and a RHB. I think PD Jr. would agree that we are both right!!!!! Go Blue!!

  12. No! Why be a follower. The uniforms are classic and do not need to be changed! One more thing, you do not need to have “Los Angeles” on road jerseys, everyone knows where the Dodgers play!

  13. Wearing various, different uniforms looks cheap / tacky. Really embarrassing.Totally bush league, beer leagues.
    It also smells of the front office trying to sell more jerseys & hats.
    Besides, teams work to establish an identity and then they go and change it?
    Makes no sense. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Not to mention the really cheesy pink bats & hats they are forced to use to supposedly ‘fight breast cancer’, which such corny stunts do not do anyway.
    And then there’s ‘breast cancer awareness’ … as if we’re not already told 24/7 about breast cancer.

  14. The white uniforms at home and the gray uniform on the road are all that is needed. Spend the money on getting the team a first rate FA like Cole,Strassburg, Rendon or Wheeler inside of trash bin reclamation players.Spend the money AF.

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