Predicting the Dodgers’ 25-Man 2013 Postseason Roster

With that said, however, let’s take a look at the guys left off the list and it makes the conversation a bit more interesting:

Dee Gordon — A guy I’d love to see on the roster simply for the purpose of adding some speed to the bench. Yes, guys like Punto and Schumaker are considered decently fast, but neither of them can steal a base if needed or change a game like Dave Roberts is famous for. I think Gordon’s inexperience and tendency to make stupid mistakes keeps him off the roster, but I think he’s the next infielder up if someone were to get injured.

Scott Van Slyke — Another tough omission considering the solid contributions Scotty Mustache has made this season. He’d be a nice bit of power off the bench if the team needed a sacrifice fly, but with the team character roles Schumaker and Punto have played all season, it’s near impossible to imagine one of them would be left off the roster.

Jerry Hairston — Probably the most shocking omission considering his spot on the roster has never been in question this season. I think this decision comes down to either Punto or Hairston, but it appears like Mattingly trusts Punto more at a position like shortstop, giving him the edge. Oh, and let’s be honest, it’s not like the Dodgers need an extra bat off the bench (instead of a reliever) as long as Zack Greinke is on the roster…

Chris Withrow — The toughest omission from the bullpen considering how hard he throws and his impressive 2.84 ERA this season. Personally, I’d prefer Withrow over a guy like League, but if the Dodgers didn’t give up on League earlier this season, it’s hard to imagine them doing so now. Also, a guy like Chris Capuano probably grabs a spot in the bullpen just in case they need an emergency starter or long reliever out of the ‘pen. The other reliever in question is Marmol, but over 17 appearances since August 2, Marmol has allowed just two earned runs for an ERA of 1.07.

So those are my predictions — not necessarily the decisions I would make (I’d take Withrow over League and I’d think long and hard about a way to get Gordon on the roster), but the ones I think will be made.

What do you think? Any you hate? Any you love?


In case you missed it, here’s the Dodgers pool celebration, PLUS Yasiel Puig’s celebration dance off!


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  1. I agree with all your roster predictions. I don’t see Hairston beating out Schumaker or Punto. And I would rather have Withrow on the roster than League or Capuano, but I don’t see Mattingly going that way.

  2. I would carry 11 pitchers, drop Cap and League, and add Volquez or Withrow(long relief if needed). Take extra roster spot freed by going with 11 pitchers and add Van Slyke for RH power off bench (and insurance against the oft-injured Kemp and Crawford).

  3. Doubtful that Capuano is on the roster. He isn’t even scheduled to throw a bullpen session until next week- you’d essentially be adding a guy who hasn’t thrown a baseball to live hitters in nearly a month, and even then he didn’t make it out of the second inning. He wouldn’t be a starter since we go to a four man rotation, so between the question marks pitching in relief (rarely this year, maybe 2 appearances) and the health, he’s likely out. Withrow is in- he only missed time lately because of the birth of his child, otherwise he has been a key component to the bullpen throughout the second half. My guess is one of League/Marmol are out as well, with Van Slyke in.

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