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SportingNews Writer: Clayton Kershaw is ‘better’ than Jake Arrieta

We’ve all been hearing a lot about Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs as media darlings of sports center and whatever east coast media group is out there. It’s understandable as the Cubs have suffered one of the longest winless streaks in world series history and their finally in a position to finally make a run.

Well, the attention for Jake Arrieta is definitely well deserved as the guy has been an absolute monster for the past couple of seasons. I mean, you know you’re doing well when Stephen A. Smith is mouthing off unsubstantiated claims of PED use.

With all this attention, you would think Arrieta is at the top of the MLB pitching mound, but Ryan Fagan of Sporting News breaks down his reasoning that the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw is the true King of Arms.

(Kershaw) – he’s won three Cy Young awards (he’s also finished second once and third once)

Stats like these help Fagan make his case:

Arrieta: 8.72 K/9, 4.72 K/BB
Kershaw: 11.29 K/9, 10.59 K/BB

Read the rest of the story here. It’s a good one. 

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