Stan Kasten Denies Andrew Friedman Hire Was A Quick Reaction

[new_royalslider id=”75″] Prior to the Los Angeles Dodgers starting postseason play, Ken Rostenthal of FOX Sports said they could be among the teams that would make front office changes if their playoff run was short-lived.

The Dodgers were eliminated in four games and it was rumored then-general manager Ned Colletti was in danger of losing his job. On Tuesday, Colletti was relieved of his duties as the Dodgers hired Andrew Friedman as president of baseball operations.

While Colletti lost his role as GM, he was retained as a senior advisor to president and CEO, Stan Kasten. While the perception may be the changes were in response to the Dodgers failing to make it out of the NLDS, Kasten denied the notion, via Ken Gurnick of MLB.com:

That’s just silly. I don’t have a quick trigger. That’s not how we do things here. It’s not about this season. It was a good season, we won 94 games. It’s purely about the long-term big picture.”

Given the new position that was created for Friedman and Colletti’s reassignment, Kasten admitted to not yet knowing how the front office will shake out and said more changes could come. Colletti was hired as GM in 2005 and helped usher the Dodgers to the playoffs in three of his first four years in the role and five overall appearances.

Friedman’s hire signals another step in the Dodgers’ efforts to get up to speed with sabermetrics and developing talent from within. Friedman excelled in those areas with the Tampa Bay Rays and he has a core of prospects to lead his efforts in Los Angeles.

Along with further developing the farm system, Friedman will have the power, or luxury, of being able to sign and re-sign marquee players as opposed to needing to cash in before they hit free agency.

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  1. Stan Kasten says “that’s just silly, we’re not afraid of big Red Birds!” Think of the cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz ! LOL

  2. I thank that is the right step to bring Freman in as operation GM and control all the new Dodger players. I thank he will do the best job. I like Colleti but he needed to step down and Let Freeman to take over operation of the club house. And bring new blood in the Dodger players. We dont need much except more pitching and better players. We have good player Like Gonzo Gorden Uribe Kemp Puig and Crawfort. Lets just keep this goind. We need a sort stop who can hit and a second basemen to hit and play ball. Go Dodger and shake up the staff for the new plaeyrs that coming inn. Lets win it all in 2015 . Go Blue Crew. Dodger fan for Life.

  3. I thank Friedman is a good fit for the Dodger Blue. I’m very happy to see Collettis stay with our operation Blue Crew. They both will do the Best job.Lets see who we going to pic up in the Draf and free agency. We have alot of talent. Now we need to put the right guys in there positions. We have Kemp Puig Gonzo Turner Uribe Ramerez Crawfort and many good players. Now we need few more pitchers. Lets see what kind of shake up we can do to mess this up. We need Dodger Blue players. And win it all. Dodger Blue Fan for Life. Go Dodgers.

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