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The New Dodgers Food Menu Items For 2019

As the Los Angeles Dodgers look to ‘revolutionize’ fan experience beginning in 2019, they have taken a huge step in the right direction. Nevertheless, what get’s everyone’s attention? Indeed, beyond sluggers who put baseball’s in the seats at reckless abandon and pitchers who touch triple digits; food is near and dear to the fan’s heart.

On Thursday, the organization rolled out some delicious-looking new menu items available at Dodger Stadium in 2019. How about a first look on twitter? And if you haven’t eaten yet, your stomach could start to growl.

And another look at the luxurious spread, in all of it’s glory.

Furthermore, what’s the highlight of the new items in my mind? That would be the ‘Goin’ Yard’ hot dog. This is a 16.5-inch jalapeño bacon cheddar sausage topped with sautéed onions, roasted corn and avocado relish. Sour cream is optional on that bad boy.

Still, let’s not forget some love for the ‘California Roll Bowl’. This creative bowl features imitation crab, edamame, carrots, and sriracha all served on a bed of rice.

Also, the Dodgers plan to offer a sausage served stuffed with pineapple, with salsa on top. This item will become known as the ‘Dodger Sausage’.

Other items include a plant-based grilled burger, a taco plate, a corn bowl in a batter’s helmet, and a seasonal salad. You can view more details about the items with vivid images right here.

Dodgers Nation at Chompie’s in Arizona

Tell Us The Item You Want Most!

Now, it’s time to tell us which new Dodgers’ menu item you’re most excited to get your hands on. Let us know in the comments section below. Again, I have to give strong consideration to ‘Goin’ Yard’. However, if you take down one of those; that’s a bit less room for the traditional Dodger Dogs.

Dodger Stadium Updates for 2019

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  1. The FOOD sucks there, has for YEARS, carnival reject food, pork and pork on abed of pork fat, the only Mexican food is NACHOS, heck I
    m Lationo I eat real food, not melted Cheezwiz in a helmet.! Beer a deal @ $12 for 12zs…… I dare you find some good BBQ food, a BBQ piece of chicken or beef, nah they give you ahot dog covered in Rhino peee

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