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Brad Miller’s Time With The Dodgers Has Ended

Brad Miller’s tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers has come to an end. Furthermore – Brad – our tag section barely knew you. While you will live on there in the annals of history, along with the faint memory of a pair of spring training blasts.

On Thursday, the Dodgers announced that Miller opted out of his contract. Manager Dave Roberts made it known that Miller wasn’t probable to make the Opening Day roster. Now, Miller decides to opt out of his contract instead of being sent down to the minor leagues. Of course, this makes Miller a free agent once again.

Just days ago we made the case for Brad Miller being part of the Dodgers roster. Moreover, Miller handled himself well in his spring showing for the Dodgers. While going 10 for 26 (.385) he homered twice and showed some versatility in the field. Surely, Miller isn’t a player without some value at the big league level to a ball club. Unfortunately, that club just won’t be the Dodgers.

Still, this was not a move based on a guy struggling. During this time of the spring, tough decisions need to be made. Teams are under a constraint of both the number 25 and preference of players they carry when the season opens.

At this time, it’s possible the Dodgers plan to carry one extra outfielder or another arm with all that is ongoing with the pitching staff.

As always, Dodgers Nation would like to wish Brad the best of luck in his future endeavors. You can leave your favorite Brad Miller memory in the comments below!

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  1. Miller would have been good depth at AAA, but he was never going to make the MLB club, unless there was an injury. The Dodgers are in love with the 13 pitchers, 4 man bench concept. Miller was not going to be kept instead of Taylor, Verdugo, Freeze or Kike, who should be the starter at 2B. And they already had some tough decisions on keeping/demoting MLB level pitchers, so they were not going to reduce the pitching staff to 12. He should land with someone given his versatility and power.

    1. Too bad Miller had to go. He would have been up at one point or another this year. The thing with him or Joc is that we know if Joc gets 400 ABs , 20 HRs plus quite a few walks is the norm (just curious,, what if Joc had a whole year like his rookie year first 3 months). . Miller played basically against pitchers at 80%, 90%, and some triple A pitchers this spring. He did well enough to break into a roster with a couple open spots; We only had the single OF spot.We are basically set with Verdugo being a stellar defender and having a solid spring with 2 outstanding Triple A years behind him. He was pretty much a lock unless he struggled.

  2. Joc, He improved his strikeout rate significantly last year and with the power we lost from last year in Kemp, Puig and Grandal we will need his 25 HRs maybe more depending on playing time. Miller is primarily an IF with mediocre defense and we have those positions well covered. If we had next years 26 player roster I would keep him, but not this year at the expense of Pederson or any other Dodger. 25 Spring at bats do not make a hero!

    1. Agree Miller is a solid player but Verdugo had to be kept and Taylor is a better defender and more versatile. Joc is not more favorite guy however he does hit well against RH pitchers and has power.

      And as stated there are going to be some very hard decisions regarding pitchers.

  3. He is the epitome of a ‘ nothing gained, nothing lost ‘ type player….Not a tear should fall in any beer.

  4. I hate to keep bringing up Verdugo but he still hasn’t shown me what the Dodger management sees in him to keep him. He always seems to be too much in a hurry to do good or better but he doesn’t. Brad Miller looked more calm and cooler at the plate and on the field. My bet would be on Brad . Too bad he has to go. I hope the Dodgers didn’t make another mistake.

    1. Robin, let me tell ya this, I believe it may have been a mistake and Verdugo has options still, and I would have sent him down because I agree with you he hasn’t shown me much either AND he acts as though the Dodgers OWE him a starting spot. I would have kept Miller too but it’s not my decision.

  5. This is a shame. His solid spring should get him a decent contract. Those yahoos up north could use him in the of.

  6. I truely think I’ve agreed w every decision and signing done by the club this winter and spring, but this one is a head scratcher and no there’s no angle I look at it It’s rational to me. I know a few fans like Joc because he hits the occasional heroic HR but he doesn’t offer much else. Just don’t see where Miller wasn’t a much needed upgrade over him. This hurts.

    1. Miller hasn’t done anything at the MLB level since 2016 Over the last two years he has become more of a strikeout guy then either Joc or Taylor. You are going to keep him over Joc over 20-25 Spring at bats, some I’m sure were against minor leaguers or has-beens Really? We need Joc’s power and he took a good step forward last season in cutting down his K’s.

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