VIDEO: Bob Welch Strikes Out Reggie Jackson In The 1978 World Series

In a day of mourning for the Los Angeles Dodgers as former starting pitcher Bob Welch passed away of a heart-attack at age 57, many of his great memories live on.

One of Welch’s more memorable performances came against Reggie Jackson and the New York Yankees in the 1978 World Series. It was a classic at-bat between 21-year-old Welch, a fastball pitcher and Jackson, a notorious fastball hitter.

With Bucky Dent and Paul Blair on base, Welch and Jackson stared each other down and began to battle. Welch fed fastballs to Jackson, essentially challenging him to square one up.

Eventually, Welch and Jackson dulled to a 3-2 count. With runners moving on Welch’s movement, he pumped a fastball down the middle of the plate by Jackson. With the win, the Dodgers took a 2-0 series lead.

Below are pictures of Welch taken by Dodgers team photographer Jon SooHoo:
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