VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw Makes Appearance On Intentional Talk

Clayton Kershaw was a guest on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk and discussed a variety of topics ranging playing ping pong against Eric Stonestreet of ABC’s Modern Family to Kershaw’s routine when pitching from the stretch.

In a video that has gone viral, Kershaw and teammate Kenley Jansen take turns impersonating one another. While it is Jansen in the video, Kershaw told Chris Rose and Kevin Millar Brandon League and Brian Wilson raze him about raising his arms above his head before throwing a pitch.

Kershaw said the technique was in response to him tipping his pitches early in his career and at some point he added breathing to the routine, and though the left-hander admitted it’s not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, he continues to do it. Kershaw then joked he was surprised A.J. Ellis could hurt his ankle on a jump considering his lack of leaping ability.

Also in the interview, Kershaw answers which teammate would be the most difficult to be stuck in traffic with and who could go pro in another sport.
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