VIDEO: Drew Butera, A.J. Ellis And Tim Federowicz Talk Playing Catcher

With A.J. Ellis landing on the disabled list twice this season, Drew Butera and Tim Federowicz have seen more time behind the plate than a backup catcher may envision. For Federowicz, he began the season in the minors and has been called up both times Ellis was placed on the DL.

In an interview with Dodger Insider’s Jon Weisman, one of the topic’s of discussion is the trio’s origins of becoming a catcher.

Ellis said he converted to the position out of necessity and immediately enjoyed his experience. Federowicz shared a similar sentiment, saying he no longer found playing the infield quite as appealing after getting a taste of being a catcher.

Butera’s rise to becoming a catcher differed from his teammates as he played the position because of what he described a lack of speed. The players also discussed the intricacies of catching and the interview included a jab from Ellis on Butera’s collegiate days.
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