VIDEO: Matt Kemp Hits Two-Run Double In Seventh Inning

As the Los Angeles Dodgers began to heat up and play well, one common denominator was consistent production from Matt Kemp.

During the Dodgers’ three-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves, Kemp went 6-for-12 with three home runs and six RBIs, including one RBI coming on a walk-off single. However, as the Dodger offense slowed down in the last week’s worth of games, so too has Kemp.

The same held true Friday as Kemp was hitless through his first three at-bats. The Dodger right fielder changed that in the seventh inning with two runners on and the Dodgers leading 3-1.

Adrian Gonzalez had already driven in a run in the inning, which knocked New York Mets starter Jonathon Niese out of the game. Carlos Torres entered the game for the Mets and he gave up a two-run double to Kemp on his second pitch.

The extra-base hit was Kemp’s third in the last four games, but first since Aug. 19. Kemp now has his batting average up to .274 and has 58 RBIs.
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  1. Keep the bubbles flying! It’s an innocent way to show their celebration of each big hit and Homer. And I’ve noticed that since they’ve had the bubbles flying, they’ve become more cohesive and supportive of each other, which had improved their performances. Besides, as a Fan, when I see the bubbles flying, I feel like I get to celebrate with them, too.

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