Video: Vin Scully Says He Never Raced Jackie Robinson On Ice Skates

Vin Scully and Jackie RobinsonLast night at Dodger Stadium was the first time in NHL history that an outdoor hockey game was played in California. The Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks partook in the historic event, but it was Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully that Dodger fans in attendance were excited to see.

Scully and Kings Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Miller got the crowd ready for the game with a montage that played on the Dodger Stadium scoreboard and introduced Kings legend Wayne Gretzky for the ceremonial puck drop. While Dodger fans are accustomed to hearing Scully say “Its Time For Dodger Baseball”, the 86-year-old broadcaster said, “Its Time For NHL Hockey”.

This wasn’t Scully’s first experience with hockey as he’s told a story about him and Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson racing on ice skates. Robinson’s wife, Rachel, was eight months pregnant and when they saw Vin with his skates, they wanted to partake in the activity.

While he’s told the story on multiple broadcasts before, Scully admitted that the two never actually raced since Robinson had such issues just standing on skates. Here’s the story again through Vin’s eyes as he spoke to CBC Sports last night:

Here’s the story Vin told on May 7, 2012 with a slightly different ending:


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