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Vin Scully Humble And Gracious In Discussing 2015 Return

The Los Angeles Dodgers surprised fans during Tuesday’s game with the announcement that legendary broadcaster Vin Scully would return in 2015 for his 66th season with the organization.

As expected, Scully received a standing ovation from those in attendance and as is his custom, he briefly mentioned his return during Tuesday’s broadcast before placing the focus back on the game.

Scully held court Wednesday to discuss his decision to return, though he began the press conference by apologizing for the being the reason the media had congregated. In a manner by only which Scully is capable of, he touched on his future, love for the game and any other questions posed to him by the assembled media.

When asked why he’s remained so humble amid all his accomplishments and adoration he receives, Scully said he views himself as largely being in the right place at the right time:

In all honesty, I don’t ever feel I’ve done anything. Somebody will say, ‘You’ve done 19 no-hitters and three perfect games.’ And I think I just happened to be there. It’s not something I can take any pride in. I am humbled, believe me, for being given the honor of working the games all these years.”

Scully then jokingly ridiculed himself for holding the same position for such an extensive period of time without advancement, which he also alluded to in his ESPN interview with Hannah Storm. As for why Scully has developed such a strong connection with the Dodger fan base, he likened the relationship to a pair of slippers:

It’s probably from all the years. The fact that every time they’ve turned on the radio since 1958, here I was, jabbering away. After all those years, like an old pair of slippers, it would be strange I guess not to hear this voice. But again, I just take it because I was fortunate enough to have been healthy long enough to continue the association. It really is a privilege and good fortune to have this job.”

The legendary broadcaster then seamlessly transitioned into detailing his natural reaction to intently watch Yasiel Puig’s attempt to throw out B.J. Upton in Tuesday’s game:

After that I sat back and thought, `That’s the way you were the first day you ever started doing this game.’ You see this play building and it just gets to you. God as my judge, that play last night convinced me, as if I had any doubts. I thought, `Here you are. Doing the same thing, getting the same goose bumps and that thrill of anticipation of seeing a great play.’ ”

Scully went on to credit his wife for supporting his desire to continue broadcasting and what his experience was in moving with the franchise from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. After roughly 30 minutes of another masterful and eloquent performance behind the microphone, Scully stepped away to begin preparing like he’s done for 65 season.

Full video of Scully’s press conference is available on SportsNet LA’s website.
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  1. God is good Mr Scully! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for the game! Love your background stories of each player reflecting on how the players go to where they are with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!. 60+ years is a long time to be a broadcaster with one team but not a Dodger Fan! And, I hope to see you in April 2015 also!

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