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Vin Scully Discusses Kershaw And Koufax, Future With Dan Patrick

Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully is in his 65th year as voice of the Dodgers. As well documented, Scully first joined the organization when they were in Brooklyn and made the transition with the franchise to Los Angeles.

In what began as another Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium turned into a historic evening as Clayton Kershaw threw his first career no-hitter. The performance led to more comparisons between Kershaw and Sandy Koufax, and Scully offered his take to Dan Patrick:

People ask me about comparing or linking them together. To me, there’s one huge difference. In Sandy’s day, he pitched every fourth day. With Kershaw, he pitches every fifth day. What Sandy did in his time, was go complete games. Sandy one year he won 27 games, he completed 27 games. Well, Clayton will never do that.”

Scully then went on to discuss his experience as a broadcaster and his strive to gain the fans’ trust and describe plays both accurately and quickly. Scully also detailed his love and appreciation for being silent during momentous plays.

While Scully has evaluated whether or not he’ll return from season to season, he acknowledged no longer working is frightening for him because of how much broadcasting has become part of him. Scully said he intends to decide on next season by August.

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