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Vin Scully Shows Off the Dance Moves

On Wednesday the Dodgers finished off the series with the Giants with a bang! They beat San Fransisco 9-3, led by Yasiel Puig who hit a 3-run homer and made a leaping catch; however, Puig was not the MVP of the game.

No, the MVP would have to be given to Vin Scully, though not for his broadcasting.

He showed off his moves and blessed fans with a little shoulder roll while jamming out to some Earth, Wind & Fire!

His dance moves were so good that it seems like he wasn’t doing it for free! Vin was also spotted rubbing his fingers together as if asking, “Where is my money?” Priceless.

We will miss feeling like he is having a one-on-one conversation with us. We will miss the infinite stories that he can share about any given player. But above all, we will miss the man and his moves!

Yasiel Puig Says One Last Goodbye to Vin Scully

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