Vin Scully Video: Vin Mistakes Kershaw For Koufax, And It’s Awesome

They are the two best lefties in Dodgers history and perhaps the two best Dodger pitchers ever. The comparisons that Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax garner finds the two names in the same breathe quite often. There was no exception during the Dodgers 5-0 win over the Mets last night.

When Vin was calling one of Kershaw’s 13 K’s last night, we can understand why he accidentally called Clayton, “Sandy Koufax.” Take a look:

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The beauty of a slip like this is that it’s an honest mistake made by the best to ever call a baseball game. The minor misstep validates just how good Clayton Kershaw really is. It’s a subtle mistake that speaks volumes.

The moment was the perfect intersection of legendary broadcaster and legendary pitcher. Besides, “Clayton Koufax” has a nice ring to it anyway, doesn’t it?

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  1. That was totally awesome!!!!!  It brings back memories. But for those who saw them both, know that the differences are suttle. Kershaw has that hesitation in his delivery. It throws the hitters timing off, along with his plate scratching slider. Koufax could just plain over power the best hitters, with consistency. Plus Koufax’s over hand curve started atop the letters and ended up at the knees. When he rared back it seemed as if his knuckles were touching the ground. That was how much torque he put into his fastball. Both made batters look bad… when you swing at a pitch in the dirt, you really look rediculus, and that is vintage Kershaw. I would surely make the same mistake. Both their last names start with a K, they both are lefties and both come over the top. Get ready because it won’t be the last time that it happens this year. LOL!!!