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Walker Buehler Reacts to His First Start in Almost Two Years, Talks Shohei Ohtani, Velo, and More

Walker Buehler, the Dodgers’ pitcher, talks about getting back to pitching after a long 22-month break due to injuries and surgeries. It’s not just about getting back in shape physically; it’s been a huge emotional and mental ride for him. Buehler shares how he felt a mix of nerves and excitement stepping back onto the field. He had hoped to knock it out of the park with several shutout innings, but the reality of jumping back into high-stakes games meant his performance varied more than he wanted.

During his comeback, Buehler was really tuned into how his body was holding up. He was surprised and reassured to see his pitches hitting speeds of 97-98 mph right off the bat. That showed him the adrenaline and mental toughness were there. Keeping an eye on each pitch’s speed helped him gauge how close he was to his top form and build back his confidence.

Feeling like he belonged out there again was a big deal, especially with the crowd cheering him on and getting a good read on the team vibe. But slipping back into full game mode had its hiccups, like managing base runners, something he admitted he’d need to brush up on.

His teammates played a huge role in his return, offering solid support that helped him feel competitive again. Buehler is driven to do more than just blend in; he wants to lead the pack and maybe even steer the rotation once more.

Looking ahead, Buehler is all about winning and being the go-to guy when the team needs a victory. This drive, along with the support from fans and his adjustments along the way, really highlights the complex journey athletes go through when making a comeback.

Buehler’s thoughts show a guy who’s fully aware of his challenges but is boosted by strong team and fan support, eager to merge his tried-and-true skills with fresh energy for the upcoming games. This summary digs into a story of resilience, honest self-reflection, and an unstoppable desire to excel, no matter the obstacles.

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