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WATCH: Dodgers Cody Bellinger Plays MVP with Brewers Christian Yelich

MLB has long been criticized for not marketing their young players very well, but it looks like their taking the first step in trying to remedy that by featuring two of the very best the game has to offer today: Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich.

It’s called a game of “MVP” where both players are filmed at their home parks and call out shots on where they’re going to hit their bombs. It’s basically like a game of H-O-R-S-E but with the two trying to get the other to reach MVP first, which is kind of ironic, right?

The two players have been on an absolute tear this year with Bellinger coming out of the gates hot, while Yelich has started to heat up on the road after hitting a majority of his home runs from the friendly confines of Miller Park.

At the end of the day, it’s a fun piece with the two players trying to talk some trash. This definitely reminds me of the old McDonald’s commercials of Bird vs. Jordan, calling their shots from the rafters.

Who’s your MVP?

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  1. Funny how you all praise the Dodgers… about how great.. but lose 3 to a really no team..and you say not a word.. shame on you…

    1. Every team has some down weeks. For God’s sake they’re playing 162 games. Look at the Dodgers’ record up to this point. Of course we’re gonna praise ’em! Don’t hate kennie boy.

      1. Well-stated, Tom. Absolutely don’t hate on our Dodgers. You must think they’re really good too or you would not be on Dodgersnation catching up on the Dodgers “latest news.” Yes, the Dodgers lost the series against the Padres. And? Regardless, Best record in baseball before the All Star break deserves a lot of praise. And our players are going to get it from their fans. So, shame on you, Ken for trying to detract from the Dodgers’ overall success.

        1. There are a TON of jealous Dodger haters out there………….they have not had much to say this season………the Dodgers hardly ever lose……….so now when they (the Dodgers) finally lose a series, the haters have to pounce. Cut them a break, they are not getting any opportunities to do so. It has been one heck of a roll the Dodgers are on.

  2. You fail to emphasize that at home Yrlich is awesome. Look st Grandal stats. But real test is on the road. Compare stats w Belly!!!!Plus SD will pass Colo n Az

  3. Love Belli vs. Yeli. Now that’s a way to have a spirited friendly competition that motivates both guys. And having some fun with the process, too. Love it. Go Yeli. GO BELLI!!!

  4. The shame here is that even with the season Bellinger is having, media bias still leans towards Yelich……….he (Yelich) is going to win the MVP even, though Bellinger has better numbers overall.

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