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Watch the Dodgers’ Clubhouse Attendant Throw Out Chris Taylor From Left Field

There are already so many great storylines to come out of the Dodgers’ Spring Camp, and we’re only a few days in. Corey Seager is crushing, the young guys are getting added in, and a clubhouse attendant is making headlines. 

Chico was slotted into an intrasquad game this past week, drawing the attention of Dodgers fans on social media. Questions and jokes about ‘who is this Chico guy?’ poured into the comments section on Twitter. As it turns out, Chico is a clubhouse attendant helping Los Angeles fill out some defensive innings. 

Chico stole the show when he caught a ball in the outfield this week and gunned the ball to home plate. The throw was so good that Dave Roberts called game right then and there. But believe it or not, the Dodgers’ employee really made a name for himself today. 

#DontRunOnChico from Dodgers

On a flyball to left field off of the bat of Austin Barnes, Chris Taylor decided to test the ‘Don’t Run on Chico‘ theory. That was his first mistake of the day as Chico unleashed a throw from the outfield that would have Major League players jealous. The Dodgers players definitely let Taylor have it on his way into the dugout.

While Dodgers fans were excited to see what Chico could do in the outfield, Dave Roberts still insists he will not be getting any at-bats. We’ll see if that changed thanks to this ridiculous throw. Roberts is sure to be asked about it in his press conference on Sunday morning. Stay tuned…

The Dodgers have a few more intrasquad games scheduled this week before getting into exhibition games. They will welcome the Diamondbacks to Dodger Stadium a week from today to get things started. 

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