What Went Wrong for The Dodgers In The NLCS?

The Los Angeles Dodgers ended their season a little too early than they expected but they can learn from their mistakes and move on. In his first year, Dave Roberts took the team to where no one expected him to but what happened to the Dodgers in the NLCS?

NLCS Game 6 Postgame Reactions

National League Division Series

During the NLDS against the Washington Nationals, Roberts’ unorthodox plays worked for the team and I think that was the only thing that kept them from advancing.

Also the Dodgers bats were hot.


Since the bats were hitting early in the games against the Nationals, this made the bullpen’s job easier to close out the game. Simple as that.

National League Championship Series

Despite the bad calls and the surprising lineups, the Cubs “outplayed” the Dodgers in the NLCS. The last two games against the Cubs, the Dodgers did not seem the essentials to win baseball games.

During the 2016 season, The Dodgers hit .210 and were outscored 30-17 (23-6 in the last three NLCS games). The Dodgers bullpen also was used too early in multiple games.

And you can shy away from these stats.

Dodgers Lineup in Game 6



Cubs Lineup in Game 6


Dodgers pitchers who struggled in the NLCS:

  • Joe Blanton with a 21.00 ERA
  • Ross Stripling with a 13.50 ERA

Dodgers hitting struggled in the NLCS:


The Dodgers have not reached the World Series in 28 consecutive years and that is a sad fact that Dodgers fans have to ponder about.

What do you think the Dodgers have to look forward to for the 2017 season?



  1. The number one reason the Dodgers failed to get to the world series is very simple, Dave Roberts.  He did not play the best Dodger players in the lineup or even on the post season roster.  Easy example is Hernandez, he played with 4 flat tires all season, are you kidding me to put him in the post season?  Useless Puig….he played horrible at the end of the season against the giants (and I was there for those games).  When he screwed up plays in right field that Reddick would have made, he then put in Reddick and move useless to left field to continue the misery.  When the tv cameras showed useless Puig napping, fully reclined on the bench in the dugout, what does Dave do???Absolutely Nothing!!!  What Dave does do is pull pitchers out when they are pitching great, most notably Stripling in his debut, throwing a potential no hitter, and Hill, possibly a perfect game!  However, he is great at leaving in pitchers too long that are obviously not capable of getting us to a win for that game.  Our last great Dodger manager, (yes, Tommy the great) had the ability to chew a players ass out on the field and then speak to him later and restore the ability and confidence in the player.  Dave Roberts simply does not have that ability and it will be tough for the Dodgers to win a World Series until they find a manager with those skills.  Dave Roberts is a “feel great” butt slapper……we need a manager who can kick ass and take names!

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