World Series: Dodgers Nation Staff Predictions

The World Series begins today – and with that we have our staff predictions on who will win the series. None of these are any type of guarantees, mind you. Without further adieu, here are our staff picks for the 2018 World Series.

Clint Evans (@Diamondhoggers): I love that experts and fans alike are all over Boston. The world has heaped expectations on the Red Sox that are unrealistic – the idea that this is a lay down championship win for them. Oddsmakers have already said they see this as nearly a coin-flip series. I really like the Dodgers in this spot; on the heels of last year, as the underdog. Feeling a shocker, which isn’t that shocking to me. This is the team we remember forever – and this is going to be one of the best weeks of our life. Dodgers in 6. You want me to name the MVP so I’ll say Walker Buehler.

AJ Gonzalez (@AJontheguitar): I’ve been uncharacteristically negative about this world series, but not really in a negative way. I do think we are a little overmatched, but I’m not despairing. We were not supposed to get this far. I think it be easy for me to pick the Dodgers losing. So I’m flipping it. DODGERS IN 6.

Greg Bergman (@BergmanGreg, Host of #DNpostgame Show): Dodgers in 6.

Brian Robataille (@BriRobitaille): This is a pretty evenly matched series, and I could really see it going either way. Before the playoffs started, I had Boston winning it all. But I didn’t have them facing the Dodgers, so I’m second guessing my pick here. I just think that this may be the year that the Dodgers finally finish the deal.

Dodgers in 5. Manny Machado wins the Most Valuable Player of the series.

Tim Rogers (@SDDodger): I pick the Dodgers to win the World Series in 6 games. I almost went to 7 with the Ryu announcement for starting game two. However, after listening to Rick Krajewski on the Dodgers Nation broadcast I think there is a shot the Dodgers take the first two from Boston. If they can beat Sale in game one, it puts pressure on Price for game two. Price will choke and the Dodgers will head back to Dodger Stadium with a 2-0 lead. In all probability they split in Boston, take 2 of 3 in LA then win game 6. Clayton Kershaw will get the wins in games one and five and will get the final out in game six. He will be the MVP.

Picks Around Baseball

ESPN: Red Sox by 20 experts, Dodgers by 5 experts.

CBS Sports: Unanimously Red Sox.

USA Today: Everyone except a guy named Ted Berg picks the Red Sox.

Sports Illustrated: Alright, we get some Dodgers backers in here.

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  1. Lack of knowledge and rose coloured glasses eh guys. The real experts are almost unanimous that boston will win. They must watch different games than you guys.

  2. Reporters who follow a team with kershaw should have been the last ones talking about peice ‘choking’

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