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Would Dodgers Fans Like to See Team Spend Like Cohen and Mets?

The Mets have been sending the MLB world into a frenzy with all their spending, but of course all that matters at the end of the day is the production on the field. However, with the team they are building there’s some huge upside for the Mets and another obstacle for the Dodgers to overcome.

It’s clear the Mets are going all in and instead of wondering where they’re getting all this money from they have been taking free agency by storm. The Mets have been the culprits of stealing some players heavily linked to the Dodgers in Justin Verlander, Carlos Correa, and even Kodai Senga.

This may leave fans wondering why aren’t the Dodgers spending any money. They are playing the exact opposite game of the Mets and rather save their money for a potentially bigger move.

This of course begs the question of whether Dodgers fans would want to see the organization spend money like Steve Cohen and the Mets have. In not so shocking fashion, Dodgers fans overwhelmingly think the Mets are spending way too much.

While fans remain impatient with moves, the egregious spending of the Mets in the opposite spectrum is not where Dodgers fans rather be. With all that spending it can easily come back to bite for the Mets.

The Dodgers want to find a middle ground and so far with the current team comprised it’s a safe bet that the team will eventually head into the right direction. The amount of money ready to be spent keeps the future bright for some game changing moves.

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  1. This is what happens when you don’t know how to draft.Spend money.The Pirates don’t know how to draft and won’t spend money.

  2. Make some smart moves. You don’t have to over spend. Getting Martinez was smart letting JT go dumb, disrupts the clubhouse. Letting the pitchers all go dumb. Should have got Jeter Downs back, could have played shortstop for a small amount!

  3. Recency bias. Over the last decade, the Dodgers have spent much, much more than the Mets. remember the Mets awful owners, the Wilpons?

  4. Make smart decisions. Letting JT go not smart and it disrupts the Karma in the clubhouse. Gettin Martinez smart. Letting go some of their starters not! You don’t have to spend the money the Mets are spending. Just make smart decisions. Jeter Downs could have played short at a small price! Decisions?

  5. I’m ok with the Dodgers taking a step back to reset themselves for another 10 year playoff run. Let’s see if Vargas is the next one to break through. If so, he will be a cornerstone for the next 6 years. We still have to pay Urias and Buehler to go along with Ohtani. Mets will implode…they always do.

  6. This seems to be a reset year for the Dodgers. They seem to think that it’s time to let their farm system work for them this year. This might end up being an attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. If it doesn’t work immediately they can start making trades. I am anxious to see what they will do with Cartaya ? I think it would be a bad idea to trade Will Smith!

  7. Hope everyone understands that the Mets are the new dodgers in everyone’s eyes. This is exactly how everyone talks about the dodgers the past 8 years. When your farm is very unproductive you spend money if you can, or just flounder. This has been the dodgers mo for a long time, followed recently by padres and now the Mets.

  8. For almost ten years the Dodgers have spent a lot and have 1 championship to show for it and that was in the 60 games season. Mattingly was let go and Roberts is such a puppet things won’t be changing anytime soon. Obviously, spending all that money with a manager like Roberts who makes poor decisions and is outmanaged in post season, it ain’t worth it. Then in this day in age with the DH is finally in the NL Justin Turner should of been kept on the team instead of all these other names that are either coming off injuries or tendered a minor league contract. Loyalty means not unless you’re Clayton Kershaw. Winning championships is not the number one priority with this management, only for the regular season.

  9. I think the biggest mistake the Dodgers made this year was letting JT go. I probably would have give Belli one more year to get it together too. I don’t understand all the hype over Ohtani. He’s good, unique as far as being a good hitting pitcher but I think that kind of money would be better spent on other players. I’m not really upset like some people over the lack of spending this year but I do wish they would have done a little more…….But then there is the whole Bauer thing also!

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