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Yasiel Puig Says Goodbye To Dodgers Following Trade

So, I’ll be honest. My heart aches a little bit tonight – actually it aches a lot. Yasiel Puig has been traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Nevertheless, the Wild Horse has a parting gift for all of us who are solemn on this.

Via his Instagram page, Puig left a heartfelt message to the Dodgers and the City of Los Angeles:

Still, the pain will reside for a lifetime; as will the memories. I knew this was coming and wrote about it recently – but it doesn’t make the reality any easier.

That reality, is that the Wild Horse is no longer part of the Los Angeles night at Chavez Ravine. The synthesis may never quite seem the same, we will have to wait and see.

We wish you luck, health, and prosperity; Yasiel Puig. Thank you from our Dodgers Nation blue hearts.

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  1. My heart aches as well. I have always loved his child-like passion, his antics, his bat flips, his electrifying throws from the warning track. I, too, felt it was time to move on, but I wish we hadn’t. It’s like breaking up with someone you still love: the time is right, but the heartache is real.

    Like Reggie Smith and Raul Mondesi before him, both electric players with bazooka arms, Puig has carved out a forever niche in right field. May they retire his #66. He has, in my heart, earned it.

    1. He’s still on the right side of his prime that he could put together some big numbers. He’ll probably come back to haunt us, but so be it. At least we didn’t do something REALLY stupid like trading Bellinger or Verdugo or Buehler. Those might’ve sparked full scale riots in LA.

    2. bad trade lad fans love puig front office a stupid manager messing winning team up puig plying full time is better than Harper will miss Kemp too

    3. You said it well my friend. He will always be missed. My heart also aches for the loss of Puig and Kemp and Wood. Puig will always be The Wild Horse and hopefully someday will return as a Dodger. You never know what life may bring. He is the reason I loved the Dodgers as much as I did. The bat licking and all his cute antics. I wish him nothing but the best. Once the Coach left for Cincinnati, it was so well known Puig would follow him.

  2. This guy was just gonna pout and regress because his man crush was in Cincinnati so this had to happen

  3. Puig will be missed he brougt excitment back to baseball in LA.
    I don’t know If Harper or Verdugo can carry the same swag but I doubt it very much. I understand we want to win the worldseries
    trophy in LA. Its a along season and If you don’t have somebody like
    Puig to keep you interested many fans will turn off and go back to
    Direct TV. I know I’m one of those fans.

  4. Losing Puig and Alex Wood………these are BIG losses. Alex Wood alone should have commanded a couple of minor league prospects. Puig, despite his theatrics, was THE BEST defensive outfielder on the Dodgers. Trading him and getting NOTHING in return but a couple of minor league players HURTS. My best guess……..dropping Kemp and Puig was another massive salary reset…….it also cleans up the problem of having too many good players sitting on the bench…..removes the clubhouse unrest that comes with that. But Puig was one of our best players……..getting nothing for him……unbelievable.

    1. Happy Holidays to you bluz1st! As I said before, I am ok if Puig had to be dealt but for what they got in return? IMHO this WAS NOT the right deal or the right return at all! Dodgers are making their so called bed… now let them lie in it!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yasiel you will be greatly missed by us – the fans!! Thank you for all you did for Dodger baseball.

  6. Puig you will always be loved by us fans at Dodger Stadium and missed as well as Kemp and Wood. Wish you nothing but the best and I hope someday you will be back with us again. Thank you for everything you have done for us and all the crazy antics that we loved. Thank you again The Wild Horse

  7. Looks to me like a basic dump in salary, but don’t think they will do much more as a result. Kemp, Puig, and Wood are in their final year before FA. But as of now this trade does just ONE thing….it makes the Dodgers more weaker and vulnerable to LHP unless they get some RH hitter to put in the middle of the lineup that actually CAN hit LHP. If anyone believes Dodgers would be great with an all LH hitting OF think again. I have said this several times before that I was not advocating to deal Puig, but only for the right return and to be honest this ‘return’ Dodgers got stinks to high heaven!

  8. He will be missed tremendously. He became one of if not my favorite Dodger. The passion this guy played with is second to none. He was our spark plug. I have no idea who else in our line up will bring his attitude, his energy and his kid like silliness. Puig you will always be my friend. You have a fan in me for life no matter where u play. I will wear my 66 Dodger Puig Jersey loud and proud. Adios Amigo.

    Cesar Lopez
    A big fan of yours.

  9. Will miss Puig, regardless of all the opinions and negative comments from ” What could of been ” and to his “Aloof behavior and unfamiliarity with how MLB baseball should be played”; In mu opinion h brought unique moments and memories to us Dodger fans with his passion for the game and being a Dodger.

  10. If we total the “goofs” and mental mental lapses that Puig has made, it still does not come close to the bone-headed goofs and mental lapses this Front Office has made. Yeah, we made it to the World Series twice, which is awesome, but we would have had three won, if it were not for this FO.
    At least what Puig had done was as a result of his passion and enthusiasm.
    Never be another #66 in blue.

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