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Dodgers Trade Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp and Alex Wood in Multi-Player Deal to Reds

The Los Angeles Dodgers have traded outfielders Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig, catcher Kyle Farmer, and starting pitcher Alex Wood to the Cincinnati Reds for starting pitcher Homer Bailey, prospects Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray, and possibly international signing bonus money according to multiple reports. The Dodgers are expected to release Bailey after the deal is official, according to Ken Rosenthal.

This trade opens around $24 million in space for the Dodgers and strengthens their already deep farm system. The team now has the space to bring in highly-coveted free agent outfielder Bryce Harper and/or acquire starting pitcher Corey Kluber from the Cleveland Indians.

The deal also opens a spot on the 40-man roster for the now officially signed Joe Kelly.

Dodger fans can also be happy to know Yasiel Puig is now reunited with Turner Ward in Cincinnati.

This post will continue to be updated if anything new related to the deal comes out.


Joel Sherman is also reporting the Dodgers will send $7 million to the Reds in the deal.

This means the Dodgers are saving closer to $18 million than $24 million on their payroll.

The team will not be receiving international signing bonus money as previously speculated.

Rosenthal speculates what could be next for the Dodgers.

For Dodger fans who want to learn about the new prospects, shortstop Jeter Downs and pitcher Josiah Gray.

Andrew Friedman confirmed the Dodgers will release Homer Bailey. Bailey has a base salary of $23 milliom this season and a buyout for $5 millon next season. However his average annual value is only $17.5 million. So in conclusion, the team will be paying $28 million total to Bailey but he will only count as $17.5 million on the payroll.

Dodgers discussing Corey Kluber with Indians

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  1. This is the blockbuster that we have been waiting for!!!! I will miss Puig, one of my favorites. But, if we can clear salary, Harper, Realmuto and Kluber all become more attainable. Losing Farmer means some of our young catchers might actually be on the big club this year. Many deals are now possible. I must credit Friedman for formulating this transaction!!!!!

  2. LOL! Idiots! Bailey?? Robbed! You better be doing my strategy of signing Harper and trading for Abreu and Kluber

  3. This is a head scratcher. Homer Bailey is a subpar major league pitcher; no wonder the Dodgers want to release him. Neither of the prospects look terribly promising. Jeter Downs after two years of low minors is a clearly an all-field, light-hit middle infielder – the Dodgers already have a ton of these players in the bigs and in the system. Gray might make it to the bigs eventually but was in Class A last year. Whiile it understandable to want to unload salary, couldn’t we get someting in return for Kemp, Puig and Wood? They are package that has value. I would not be surprised to see Kemp boost his numbers with a very hitter friendly home field. Puig? Always a question of what direction he is going but is better than average MLB outfielder. Wood is a better than average MLB starter. I think the Dodgers should have gotten more – these guys are not hamburger. I sure hope we don’t see Harper in Blue – he is overhyped. Some pitching from the Indians would help but what do the Dodgers now give up to get that? Indians were reportedly looking for outfield help: Pederson? Verdugo? Toles? It may take that and more to get Kluber. I just hope Friedman got this one right. Questions.

  4. Puig has the potential to hit 35-40 with in the next few yrs at that park. Kemp a yr older and he faded late 2nd half last yr and a lot of money. For “flexibility” whick should pan out well…..

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