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2020 Dodgers Trade Deadline: A Day-of Journal As Moves Happen

We did this last season where we tracked each move, or even strong rumors, during the day. This will be published early then updated throughout the day with the latest news at the top. To get you started we have an article at Dodgers 2080 about the downside of the Trade Deadline.


The Dodgers did not make any deadline moves. Not really a surprise. The talent they already have just needs to fulfill their potential and they will be amazing. They are already the best team in baseball. The Padres are better and they will be interesting in October.

UPDATE: Ross Stripling was traded to the Blue Jays for two players to be named later. It is no secret that we at Dodgers Nation are big fans of Ross. He really is a great human being and any of us who have come across him would understand. The trade was announced almost one hour after the trade deadline so it was pretty shocking.

August 31st

  • 1:55 – Ross Stripling is gone

  • 1:31 – More Padres

  • 1:16 – Mets get a target of mine, Todd Frazier

  • 1:09 – Mets get a catcher

  • 1:05 – Archie Bradley to the Reds

  • 1:05 – Maybin to Cubs

  • 1:02 – No Lance Lynn for the Dodgers

  • 1:01 – Angels trade Goodwin to the Reds

  • 12:50 – Osich to the Cubs

  • 12:38 – Rockies get Pillar. They are weird

  • 12:29 – First Dodgers rumor of the day and a minor trade for Brewers

  • 12:!4 – Cubs get Chafin

  • 12:05 – More on Martels, etc

  • 11:59 – Villar to Blue Jays. Would have been a decent fit for the Dodgers

  • 11:56 – Starling Marte to Marlins?

  • 11:49 – things are slow. Rumor:

  • 10:53 PM – Robbie Ray to the Jays

  • 9:31 AM – A’s trade for Mike Minor

  • 8:32 AM – trade seems done

  • 8:23 AM – part of the Clevinger return. Josh Naylor also

  • 8:21 AM – looks like the Padres got Clevinger. Unknown what the return is.
  • 8:16 AM – did Padres get Clevinger?

  • 7:19 AM

  • Midnight: I would like to see the Dodgers get a starting pitcher that can give a consistent six innings and a right handed bat. Last year the Dodgers traded for reliever Adam Kolarek and infielder Jedd Gyorko. Someone like Todd Frazier from the Rangers would be a simple move to make and that would not surprise me. A couple of more expensive options would be right handed hitting infielders Whit Merrifield from the Royals and David Fletcher from the Angels. The big pitching prizes look to be Lance Lynn and Mike Clevinger. Both have some positives but I am not sold on either one.

August 30 Summary

  • The Padres traded a lot of prospects, including a top 100 one in Taylor Trammel, for relief pitchers Austin Adams, Dan Altavilla and Trevor Rosenthal, DH Mitch Moreland, catchers Jason Castro and Austin Nola, They are also looking for another starting pitcher.

  • The Braves acquired starting pitcher Tommy Milone from the Orioles who got lit up later that night.
  • The Cubs traded for DH Jose Martinez from the Rays.
  • The Rockies traded for relief pitcher Mychal Givens from the Orioles. Sorry Mychal.
  • The big rumors are that the Indians are going to trade Mike Clevinger and the Rangers are trading Lance Lynn.

Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. Youse gets to respect Prellers aggressiveness, but he has turned much of a very good roster over and I wonder if that backfires. You have to think of a team’s cohesiveness. May bite him in the end. Nevertheless, let’s see how Friedman counters.

    1. Clevinger and Rosenthal were good moves but everyone else I’ve seen has been an overhyped nobody going to and from SD. CLE are the biggest clowns in baseball they continue trading pitching every season while in contention and wonder why they can’t win in the playoffs

  2. Yup let’s keep stockpiling them prospects and adding more insult by not playing them. Prospects are just prospects. Would rather have a proven player. Clevinger would have cinched it for us. Needed to dump woods, Urias, and stripling. Stripling would be a good pitcher for next years home run derby

  3. Two guys who have disappointing this year is Buehler and Urias. Buehler needs to commit to being an ace, grow up a little bit…definitely has the tools, but I have never seen the hype of Urias. Throws too many pitches, not enough strikes. Both need some maturing. OTOH, love May and Gonsolin.

  4. Am glad the Dodgers did not make a move. This year, team chemistry is off the charts and I’d prefer sticking with who we’ve got rather than bringing in someone new.

  5. Another trade deadline come and gone with the Dodgers making zero moves except for getting rid of the one commodity they need! Starting pitching! So Andrew Friedman and ownership feel that Julio Urias and Dustin May will be the 3rd and 4th starters in their playoff rotation. Both are unseasoned starting pitchers with almost next to nothing postseason experience. Dodgers say, “We have the best record in baseball and the lowest team ERA!” If this was the formula to win a World Series we should have won 3 or 4 by now. Problem is it’s NOT the formula!!!! It’s obvious to most that the Dodgers fall short in quality starting pitchers yet they let Ryu and Maeda walk and now Stripling. The postseason is NOT the time to find out your young arms aren’t ready for the pressure it brings. To top it off Kenley Jansen has been terrible in postseasons of past. If Josh Hader was available why not get him? To make things worse our division rival Padres will now send Mike Clevenger at us in every series when we had the prospects to give up to get him. Well, if we lose Dodger Fans can take solace in knowing that both Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts will be fired. Who wudda thunk it that Andrew Friedman makes Ned Colletti look like a genius. Frustrated Fandemic I am.

  6. You’re enamored by big names, Mario. Would have liked to see Clevinger in blue, but because it’s the Dodgers, the ask would probably been May, Ruiz, Peters and maybe even Josiah Gray. No thanks compadre. I’ll take my chances in a three game set against anyone with Kershaw, Buehler and May. Frankly, I think the team dynamic in San Diego was damaged by so many moves. Is Preller desperate or something? Yes!!!

  7. Mario, I concur and am surprised Dodgers didn’t recognize that there’s a DEFINITE need for another PROVEN starter who can give more length than what we are seeing from our starters not named Kershaw. Padres as of now are one up on us with starting pitching now. But here is what also will take Dodgers out during the PS, and that is the hitters striking out a ton every game just about. Classic example in the 3rd game with Rangers: 14 strikeouts and I believe 11 in game prior.

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